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Christmas has passed, but can Santa please stay?

Hey hey hey! Most times, I make the mistake that everyone on the blog is friends with me on social media but that’s not true. I share articles I don’t often share here (see why…

As it can be: How Jeison Aristizabal redefines disability in Colombia.

Hey hey hey Disability. This ability… You all know I have extra water for my eyes and the waterworks came last night as I watched the CNN heroes and heard their stories.

As it can be: What AYECI Africa IS DOING.

Hey hey hey! I remember how I had gone round looking for internship at “big” oil companies last year. None called me back and I didn’t want to sit home doing nothing for 3 months.…

As it can be: what leap africa is doing.

Hey hey hey! If you’re new here, welcome! Wednesdays are for social talks and to showcase how people and organizations are doing great things to make Nigeria and Africa better. Today’s spotlight is on LEAP…

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