Stay ordinary.

Stay ordinary.

Hey hey hey!

I hope you guys are doing awesome? Isn’t it such a beautiful day/week already? It sure is by faith!

It really is a privilege being able to connect with you guys! I’m not even kidding, my heart swells all the time. It just keeps enlarging with love. I bless the day I started blogging. I can’t deny that it’s been one of the major push in my spiritual walk.
You can’t keep writing about Jesus and not grow. I love it and it’s a privilege to serve!

Ok, let’s be real today. (Not like we’re fake on other days!)

Two days ago I had to decline an offer to be part of something, because I had to pay a certain amount to join.

I had actually already accepted, but was reminded of God’s word to me for this season –

1 Timothy 6:6

Godliness with Contentment is great gain. 

I had to realign my thinking and declined it, but I was hurt.

I started to feel inadequate. Why can’t I just do what my mates are doing?
It’s unfair that I have to decline things!

After my rant. God met me in the kitchen.
Funny thing is, I’d just broken my fast few minutes ago and had spent time praying in tongues o.

Isn’t it funny how devil knows just the right time to bombard your faith and deceive!

Anyway, as I prepared beans(the most awesome food in the world); I heard God clearly say – STAY ORDINARY.

I was a little confused on what that meant.

God, what do you mean by asking me to stay ordinary?
Keep doing you. Keep living.
Wake everyday and do what God asks of you.
Sleep at night knowing you walked with God the whole day.

No one might notice. Life may seem boring.
You may need to decline a lot of stuff; but don’t lose yourself within all of that.

Stay ordinary.

You may ask-‘But my days just always look the same! There’s nothing exciting about me.’

It’s fine, as long as you stay ordinary.

The ironic thing is that I always unashamedly say that I’m not ordinary. I’m special to God and I know it.

So, when God is asking us to stay ordinary, though we’re not ordinary; what does He mean!?!

Don’t be after fame, money, prestige, likes, shares, acknowledgement as much as you’re after His righteousness.

Do not put anything above God.
He must be your priority.

Just keep obeying what He says to do each day. And someday soon, all those mundane days will make meaning to you. They will make much sense!
Whatever you do, make sure you stay ordinary!


Thanks a lot for reading.

I made a very short voice message here.

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Remember to share with a friend who might not see the big picture and wonders why the days seem so mundane. You’d be reminding her/him of what God reminded me – To stay ordinary!

Do have a blessed time ahead.

My friend, Frances wrote a post similar to this one as her Online Bible Study today. I think you should read it here. It blessed me and will bless you too!

Love always,


  • Leave it to God to remind us of the Word we need at the exact moment…never leaving us lonely..never!

    And truly if you look at it, most of our issues stems from discontentment, looking at mates and comparing ourselves with them till God reveals the wrong deal in our hearts to us.

    Thank you for sharing dear…word to me to… Frances stay in the lane that I have got you fixed in… amen? amen! Lol. But seriously.

    And thanks for sharing today’s #online bible study…

    • Lol! Bless God jare.

      It’s so true that a lot of our issues stem from discontentment and comparism. It’s very important for us to stay our individual lanes, while supporting one another!
      No need to covert.

      Thanks babe. Muah!

  • UniqueOJ

    Tanks a lot dear for this post, God bless U…iv really been blessed by ur blog ever since i came across it, but plz if u dnt mind, i wil lyk 2 p.m you..plzzzz tanx a lot

  • Mateyscott

    Stay ordinary #word

    I really like that. Keep the main thing the main thing. Don’t go chasing after other things when God only wants you to chase after him. Stay ordinary because you RE already extra ordinary and you will remain that when God remains. God is able to pursue his interest in you when you stay ordinary.


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