Song & Book Recommendations

Song & Book Recommendations

Hey hey hey!

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I doubt I’ve written in this segment of the blog in the past 6 months.

Then I heard a song yesterday by ‘accident’ and can’t get over it. I’ve had some songs as my anthem these past couple of months and will share two of those today; as well as a book I just read.

Song recommendation 1: So Will I.
So Will I.
‘If the stars are made to worship, so will I!’
‘If the wind goes where you send it, so will I’.

I doubt these sentences come after one another in the song, but they’re my favorite lines.
Except of course the very last words of the song:
You’re the one who never leaves the one behind.

I cry every time I meditate on those last words, because many times I try to run, but He’s the God who cares for the individual sheep as much as He cares for them corporately.

These are my 2 fav versions.



Song recommendation 2: God of miracles.
The first time I heard this song was at The Tribe. I learned the chorus by singing along with others, but never heard the full song until yesterday night.

I was watching a member of Bethel lead worship when I read a comment about ‘Miracles’ and watched it too.
The story behind ‘Miracles’ is perhaps what amazes me the most. I’ll let you search that out yourself, but here’s the song.

‘The one who put death in its place, HIS LIFE is flowing through my veins’.

Whatever you’re going through.
Be encouraged. ❤



Book recommendation: The Midas Touch.
I want to learn the TRUE biblical view on kingdom prosperity and I don’t want to be lopsided about it. Thankfully, Kenneth Hagin is a teacher I trust on almost all topics so this was a fantastic read for me.
The prosperity gospel is a lie, so is the poverty gospel.
Read it and find out more for yourself.


I hope these recommendations touch you where you need them the most.

Don’t forget to share with me when you watch or read them.

Everyday I find that my God, my Father, my Shepherd is greater than what my mind can understand.

Such a privilege to be His.

Love and light,




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