Site recommendation: desiringgod.org.

Site recommendation: desiringgod.org.

Hey hey hey!

It’s been a while we had any recommendation on the blog and I’m glad to introduce this site to you, if you don’t know them already.

I was subscribed to them a while back and somehow lost touch. I found their articles on my social media again and every single one of them have blessed me.


Some of their contributors have been following the Lord for many years so their articles are not always the regular type. They’re mostly deep stuff, especially those of Pastor John Piper (the founder).

You can check the ‘Ask Pastor John’ category and see if any questions you have on your mind has already been answered.

They have other resources like books too.

Just check them out: desiringgod.org.

I’m sure the site will be a blessing.

Light and love,


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