Singlehood: “Husbands are expensive in the market!”

Singlehood: “Husbands are expensive in the market!”

Hello everyone!

Hope you Wednesday has been awesome so far? If not, it’s not too late to add a little sunshine to your day and create your own happiness!

I really wish I could go on talking about happiness and different kinds of sunshines today; but I have decided to rant a little to all the lovely ladies of virtue out there! Let me begin by asking, is it true that husbands are expensive in the market? (Please! I really need answers on this one. Share your opinion in the comment box. I am begging!)

This question is one that I personally already have an answer to, but it will still be nice to know other’s views on it. Let me tell you why…

So, early Sunday morning while I and four other ladies were struggling to use the mirror in the female restroom in church; an interesting conversation started. I do not know why the question was directed at me and I do not particularly remember the question; but I do remember my answer – “I do not think I would be married in the next five years.” (Please, hear me out before you join the mob!)

Ahh, the response I got was funny paapaa! With eyes like these O_O, these ladies bombarded me! “Ahh, are you serious!”, “No, that must be a joke!”, “Better stop cursing yourself there!” were the kind of responses I got. The one that hit me most though was non other but this- “Baby, oko wan lode o; If I see one this year sef, I will marry!” The Yoruba means “Baby(or friend), husbands are expensive in the market o!” And she did not mean it in a ‘Good men are scarce’ way.

To be very honest, I did not know that husbands were really expensive in our markets. Has any of you priced one before? I guess not.

Let me dwell a bit on why I do not think I would be married in the next five years. First of all, I am in my 200level! Not that people cannot get married in school; but I cannot! We have a lot of matured students in Ghana and I always wonder how they juggle it all together. They come to sit in a class for hours, after spending the whole day at work; not forgetting that they have families. But somehow it works for them.

However, though I am not married and attend morning school because I do not work; I still cannot juggle school and marriage. I really cannot. Please, let me CLEARLY state these are MY plans o. Though, I know that God has not also asked me to marry while in school. So, next two years down.

Also, I will serve(a whole year) and begin to find out more about myself; and what God has planned for me after school. After service (National Youth Service Corps) in Nigeria, I can start considering . So, next 3 years down.

The remaining 2 of the 5 years I mentioned will be left to God and not friends to decide what He wants me to do! Simple as ABC. NOTE: THIS IS NOT TO SAY HE IS NOT IN CHARGE OF ALL MY YEARS, BOTH NOW AND FUTURE ONES.

You see, ladies (especially we single ones); we need to let God work on our belief systems and teach us things. God does not want any of us to believe that we have a time-limit to get married. I mean, are we competing or what?

Baby! Are you the one? Cuz, I have waited so long for you!
Baby! Are you the one? Cuz, I have waited so long for you!

Please and please, get it out from your head that men are expensive and as such; we must hook one and get married as soon as possible. When I heard that statement that men are expensive; I just laughed and teased them by saying- “You people should leave me; this is mission 2020!”

If you are single (or not); what you should be concerned with is how to add value to yourself and become a better person in all aspects of life. Yearn to grow spiritually, academically, financially, materially, intellectually and in many more ways.

Truth is, if you want to get married this year, You can! You can hook ANY MAN and begin a relationship right now. However, remember that the men after God’s heart are not just any men.

Do not push to want to be Mrs. so soon. Push to a Miss who is so deeply rooted in Christ that when the Mr. comes; God will remain at the center of your lives!

Well guys, that’s it for today! I just had to share with you sisters (and brothers) of mine that I think we need to focus more on maximizing singlehood.


That’s why you may want to read PraiseLetter7 which centers not on age or time; but a union approved by God. Love Letters on imperfectlyperfectlives and Dear Diary on Glowingscenes are awesome too because they talk about learning not to lose your identity because you are waiting for Mr. or Miss Right to show up.

We also want to find out, are you expensive too?
We also want to find out, are you expensive too?

I think people are no longer searching for expensive men/women in the market though. The demand has shifted to men/women of worth who have been beautified by Jesus.

Have a great week ahead. You can still accomplish much in the two working days left!

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I love you plenty plenty.


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  • Oh Bolaji, I can imagine that scenario in the rest room.
    Say what?
    5years?? Have you gone bonkers ni? Haha!

    I’m glad to hear that your reasons aren’t just flimsy reasons(ie, I need to make money,yep, girls dey wey dey talk that one oh), you want to build and develop yourself…
    Which we single ladies should all be doing at this point in time.

    I love how you talked about God’s man isn’t any man..oh, those are treasured words and one that we should let sink in…

    As much as this is said though, I have also realized that one can never be too ready for marriage.(scary ba?)
    But mostly, we should rely on the seasons and times that God has brought our way and be wise enough to follow through on them..

    And the rush for man, they are expensive ba?
    Ok oh, the thing is if one rushes in, they rush out too.(not our portion), let God work it out and no, He doesn’t count time as we do.
    He builds us and molds us first, then He can release us to help someone, His chosen for us.

    I don type epistle.lol
    Thanks for sharing the links. Itunu’s dear diary will remain evergreen for lessons on godly marriage/relationship/a home built on God’s foundation

    • Thanks Frances! Your words are never too long because of the depth they carry!
      It is very true that God does not work with years/months like we do; He works with seasons He knows are best for us!
      I just had to write on it cuz the way they bombarded me, like any girl who is not looking for husband this year must be crazy!
      God’s men are not any men o, and when God brings ours to us; we will know!
      Oh! And I could not be stingy with the knowledge in your Love Letters and Itunu’s ‘Dear Diary’ on relationships God’s way.
      Thanks again Frances. Much love…xx

  • I think husbands are quit expensive in the market as i speak but men are everywhere. What do you want men or husband?

    five years??????

    Nice reading your piece, Bolaji.

    • Hello Chukwuma. It is true that men are everywhere and not all are husbands. The five years is just MY thought o; waiting to see what God wants after schooling.
      Thanks for reading!!!

  • lol@expensive husbands. I wonder when they men became ‘FOR SALE’

    Okay, here’s my take on the matter since you asked for it. 🙂 Didn’t know you were that ‘young’ aka your present year in school and yada yada so my dear, you know yourself jare. God even knows you deeper and knows what and when is the right time.

    For people in the world, they can be hurrying and worrying about who to marry and when to marry but for us, God’s Elect…, are they not aware Our time is in His hands? We do not run as the world runs, neither do we compete as they do because we know God will settle us at the right time. His own time because He makes all things beautiful in its time. I mean what’s the rush if not because the world has set a certain biological clock for women that they should be married at a certain period of time so they don’t look or feel abnormal. I;m trying to imagine a world that wasn’t doing this, would our reactions be different? Would we feel we’re missing out on something because our time hasn’t come yet.

    I like your answer Jare Bolaji. It shows you know what you want. The lines will fall unto you in pleasant places. Much love dear. xo!

    • Exactly. My take is that is all boils down to God(though marriage in school is out) . God’s time is the best and I cannot live my life worrying about when a man will come and how expensive he will be.
      Amen Glow! You will receive favour beyond your imagination this week! God bless you. Plenty plenty love.😘
      (I’m not too young for marriage though; but I’m sure my mum thinks different as I still have older ones yet to marry. Lol)

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