Show recommendation: T.D Jakes ‘Follow your instincts’.

Show recommendation: T.D Jakes ‘Follow your instincts’.

Hey hey hey!

I watched this episode of the show yesterday and just had to share.


You see that instinct you feel? That voice you hear that tells you to do something or not?


This reminds me of so many times in my life that I knew something was going to happen; but there is no definite explanation. I think it has a name in science and it happens to us all, if you’re sensitive enough to admit it. Before my bag was stolen, I knew it was going to be stolen because God told me.

I remember a day we almost got robbed after Church in a brother’s car. Immediately I saw the four men from the other side of the road; they looked innocent but I knew without doubt that they wanted to hurt us. As God will have it, the brother locked all doors few seconds before they started banging and ran.

In this episode, this woman dated a man she KNEW deep down was no good. He treated her good most of the time, but everyone around her KNEW what she knew too but didn’t admit. Let me pause here. If you haven’t read INSTINCTS by TD Jakes, go and buy it now.

Her instincts told her to run but not until this man poured acid on her face. He hadn’t ever beaten her and one day he asked her to bring him a towel and boom, acid on her skin.



This is enough information, you need to watch the episode by yourself to get what I’m saying. Even if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, I know without doubt that He still leads you with your instincts. I know this because He led me even before I got born-again. As silly as it sounds, there were times I knew things before they happened (Like when I’d say Matron will come to the hostel and she would).

The episode

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