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Good day, beautiful one. I hope yesterday was not too stressful. If it was, then I understand! I for one, took an immediate flight to Italy when I saw my bed. I’m a light sleeper, but through the night I doubt if I moved. Lol. Anyway, I pray today will be an even more blessed day for you. Amen!

I know you’ve noticed that the blog looks different! Yaay! I actually do like this new layout better, but there will still be slight changes on the blog overtime; so please bear with us! Thanks for all the prayers, encouragements, shares, comments and love. God bless you big!!!

Ok! Today’s topic (or should I call it gist) is an interesting one o. Even from the topic, you can already tell. It’s interesting that so many of us are secret service agents…

for God.

“Young people, enjoy your youth. Be happy while you are still young. Do what you want to do, and follow your heart’s desire. But remember that God is going to judge you for whatever you do. Don’t let anything worry you or cause you pain. YOU AREN’T GOING TO BE YOUNG VERY LONG! Ecclesiastes 11:9-10 (Goodnews Bible)

These are not my words o, they’re straight from the Bible. This is why it’s been on my heart to write about this.

I once saw on a friend’s Whatsapp this simple but beautiful words-“You cannot know who you are until you know whose you are!”

Simply put, you cannot say you know yourself (or your purpose) until you know who made you and gave you a purpose in the first place.

I know many do not even believe in God, and I’m tempted to say ‘that’s fine’; but if you TRULY want to be sincere, you’d know that this world is way more than science says it is. We definitely did not evolve from apes, because then we will be in their image, but we were made in God’s image. I always wonder- If people can believe in air (that cannot be seen), why do they go around claiming God is not real.

Honestly though, this really is not where I am going with this. I just felt I had to put that out first.

We who BELIEVE that God is real and proclaim Christ as Lord; why have we become Secret Agents?

If you watch some ‘action’ Hollywood movies, you’d come across some characters that are Secret Service Agents for their country; and they have to be so discreet about their identity so no one ever finds out. Biko, where in the Bible did God ask us to do same?

The reason I ask this is that I’ve gotten to know some people more closely and later realized they were Christians. From afar, I never would have guessed it (and I’m not being judgemental or anything).

It’s just that youths generally are now so ‘on fleek’ in the world, that they aren’t ‘on fleek’ for God!

Why do we hide our identity?

You’ve been working at your job for years, and no one knows that you serve Jesus… Like, really?

And this is not to say that we should shove Jesus down people’s throats or tattoo our foreheads with His name. This is simply to say that enough of hiding our identity!

Sometimes people even tease me about being a church girl. I remember one time I went to see my friend’s from Secondary School and they teased me the whole day about being born again. I didn’t mine. And I still don’t!

It does not mean one becomes perfect once they are born-again, it just means they now know whose they are and can walk in their true identity!

As youth, we would not be young for so long. One day, you’d wake to be 60 and wonder where the years went. But then will you look back and be glad or be sad because you know you could have done more for God?

People keep procrastinating when they will take God serious. But who promised you tomorrow?

If you have plans of taking God serious, why not now?

Do not be a Secret Service Agent for God. He says we should proclaim His name and tell of His goodness in all Nations. Nations are our schools, houses, jobs, street, area, etc. Let people know and associate you with your maker. Live in such a way that they want to know Christ.

This isn’t a Hollywood move, no one asked you to be a Secret Service Agent!


That’s it for today!

Thanks for reading. Please, leave your thoughts in the comment section and share with friends!

You beautiful people that share thoughts with me personally, do share here too so we’re not selfish with lessons learned even after reading posts.

Have an amazing day.

Love always,



  • Moyosoreoluwa Odeyemi

    Yes o! my sister! i completely agree with you. This post actually reminds me of something i read (abi was it something i watched? abeg all join) that asked this question, “if you were being persecuted for being a christian, would they have enough evidence against you?” which goes back to your post about living out your identity.

    Keep on fleeking for Christ, girl!
    Love you like kilode?

    • Lol! We’d keep on fleeking for Christ o, Mo! Yes, we shouldn’t be Christians that hide their identity. The World has got to know o, we can’t be quiet!
      Thanks for leaving your thoughts dear. You’re highly appreciated!

      Love you like Kini? lol

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