Saved to Serve!

Saved to Serve!

Hey hey hey!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing great and getting better by the day! I’ve realized that in this life, there’s no middle ground. It’s either you’re moving forward, or you’re moving back. Stagnant water starts to smell when it’s not flowing somewhere else.

It happens to humans too! We start to ‘smell’ when we’re not improving. There’s no way to remain at one spot, move forward today!!!


Since Wednesdays are my ‘lighter notes’; I’d planned to talk about schooling in Ghana without any family around and what independence has taught me.
However, I feel I need to deviate from that today.

Here’s my reason.

My purpose is far greater than me! The reason for our lives cannot just be about us alone. People are connected to our destiny. No jokes!

So, I plan to read 3 books per month this year. I was confused about what book to read in February and God answered me. Out of the blue, I remembered a book I got for my roommate for her birthday last year. I never got one for myself, so I went to dig her book shelve and found it there.

The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord – T.D Jakes.

I’ve not gotten half way and I already love the book! It’s divided into 3 segments as the title indicates, and the first one is all about the Lady!
A lady must first love herself and heal from past wounds before she can accept that God or any man loves her.

Anyway, suddenly a friend shares with me something she had been going through for a long while. I was amazed!

After helping with as much wisdom from myself, I felt the need to ask her to get that book as soon as possible! This is because what she is going through is exactly what I was currently reading in this book!

You might not see anything special here, but here’s my point again – Your destiny is ultimately larger than you!

God probably wanted me to start this book because He knew that someone connected to me was going to be in need of it!

Are you getting me?

Your life is greater than you!

If all there is to you is you, then you’ve not started walking in purpose!
You have been saved to serve!

Don’t be stingy with your salvation! Give of yourself.

Extend to others, what God has extended to you! Even if it’s a simple knowledge from a TD Jakes book.

But that simple thing you don’t want to share may hold the key to someone’s healing!

Again, I say, you’ve been saved to serve!
Don’t be stingy with your salvation!
Extend the hand God extended to you to others!

Amen! Hallelujah.

Short eey? Lol.

Thanks for reading!

Guess who made her first vlog (video)?
Yes, meee! Lol.

I made it with the hope that I’d be writing about independence and schooling in Ghana today. Oh well, God had different plans!

It’s quite short. Pardon anything you notice that should have been better, like when I said “Pauline, introduce yourself!”

Who does that? LOOL

She has written a PraiseLetter in the house before. You can read it here!

I love you guys! Let me know your thoughts on today’s post.

God bless you.

Plus, I want us to try something different today.

Have you ever been in a situation where you realized that you went through something, in order to help another person who went through the samething?
Or have you been led to read a book, only to realize it was ultimately to help a friend?

I’d be expecting your thoughts and notes! And if today is your first time of commenting on the blog, I’d connect with you personally by sending a mail, where I request for your number. Yes, I’d like to talk and pray with you on phone!

Whoop! I’m excited.

Stay blessed!

Love always,


  • Mateyscott

    Okay. I will rewrite my very long comment.

    I totally agree with your post. I always tell people that, ‘your life is not for you alone. It’s also for the precious souls connected to your life. So you matter and what you do matters.’ You are not just living for you alone.

    The book story made me really smile. It reminds me of something I discovered late last year. So I would find myself reading a part of the scripture that had no relevance to me at the time. But God would really reveal something to me about that part of the scripture and I would question God. But God always knows what he is doing. During the day or week, I would have a conversation with someone that would require me to share my knowledge of that scripture to encourage the person or just reveal something to the person. So God made me read that part of the Bible earlier because he was sending someone my way that would require the word.

    He is a master planner. So even for my Bible, I approach it with the attitude of I am not reading it for myself alone.

    God bless you and Keep you Mobolaji. I am grateful Twitter made me come in contact with you.

    • I’m so sorry about the first comment you made. That thing can pain, especially when it’s a long one. So, thank you for rewriting!
      It is so true that true purpose is always more than the person carrying it! I think about great women of the Bible and even mentors from all around the world; it’s always not about them alone.
      And the beauty of this is that, you cannot bless others with your purpose and not be blessed! Like the book I was reading, I was blessed by blessing her! Because sometimes you read the words you share with someone and realize that you actually also needed that word!

      It’s such a privilege getting to know you too! I love how God brings a connection of His women to hold and love one another.

      Stay blessed babe!!!

      I’m tempted to ask if I can call. Lol! But I know it’s not your first time commenting and something is telling me you’re not in Nigeria or Ghana; and that something is airtime! Lol.



    You are so right.

    As a matter of fact I take the notion of service not as an option but as integral to being Christian. “…I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.” (Mt 25:45). I understand the duty of Christians to be: spread the word, serve the body of Christ and love your neighbor as yourself.
    Personally, I find that I am happiest when I am making others smile and most of the stuff I’ve laboured at for most of my adult life has been aimed outwards and I can’t begin to enumerate my blessings.

    I have been unofficially giving marriage counseling for over seven years. I cannot remember how it started, but I just noticed that I was listening to a lot of marriage-related issues from both married and ready- to- be- married members of my circle. Sometimes, I even had to listen to couples (each party coming to me in confidence). I have been presented with the question, “Do I marry him/her?” and I thank God that the few times I’ve had reason to say, “Don’t”, people were blessed by it.

    My point- once I noticed (to my substantial discomfort) that a lot of folk who respected me were expecting me to come up with wisdom on marital matters, I felt it was my duty to gather as much knowledge on the matter as I could-even though I was neither married nor preparing to be. The feeling came naturally, like- if you are thirsty, you drink water!

    Just this Monday, a friend came to visit me. He actually came to borrow a book, but something was bothering him. Me, I was stressed out and struggling to grapple with an impossible schedule so I was not exactly in a listening mood. He on his part saw me deal with 3 crises while he was waiting and he said it was a bad time to talk. I readily agreed. Then when we had dealt with the book matter, he rose to go- very reluctantly- and sighed, saying how it was unfortunate I didn’t have time to listen to him. I started responding, “It really is a pity. Maybe we can find time later in the week to talk.” This stayed in my head, though. What came out was, “What’s on your mind?” For the next two hours, I practically forgot my work issues and all school crises and focused on his dilemma.

    The sister he’s going out with is the fourth sister he’s courting since he made up his mind to marry. I’ve had to do an analysis of each of these sisters, but I had always ended up giving diplomatic advice- look for this, look for that, ensure this, and don’t ignore that. I never said, “I think it is she.”
    That night, I don’t know where my words came from, but come they did. In fact they surged.

    Before long, I moved from the sister in question (no 4) to the very first person my brother courted. Without really thinking about it, I made a categorical statement. I told him she was his wife. Like I said, I don’t know where that assertion came from, but later as I analysed that conversation, I saw that for a long time, I had reading and studying so much about and subconsciously considering the brother’s issue. That night, he had a lot of objections, a lot of questions, but I always had ready comebacks and explanations.

    As he was leaving that night- after glorifying God for the meeting- I couldn’t fail to notice the change in his countenance. His burden seemed to have diminished and he sounded so light-hearted that I felt like dancing. I could see that he had a clearer path to his decision and I was overjoyed. Like I said, a lot of what I said that night was articulated for the first time then, but I came to realise that I had subconsciously prepared for that night without really noticing.

    Obviously, the Christian has a duty to serve and in God’s grand design, every Christian has been built to play a part in the execution and I strongly believe that as we serve, we earn credit vouchers which are cashed at different points in our lives when our needs are miraculously met- even when we don’t pray.

    Thank you very much and keep seeking.

    Peace and love.

    • AJ Black! I wish I could copy this comment and make it into a book for sale or something! The wisdom in it is too much not to be shared.
      If I decide to write a reply,it will only be something words can describe but not adequately express. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
      I will read this over and over and over! You see why I begged you to comment…
      You’re a blessing, because I caught somethings from this comment that I didn’t get from the post. Don’t ever stop commenting. LOl.
      And keep helping people with the knowledge that God blesses you with!

      Since this is your official first comment and I promised to connect with a call, do you mind a call, or a mail?

      Stay blessed!

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