Saturday Link up.

Saturday Link up.

Hey hey hey!

Since I’ve decided not to be stingy with all the awesome things I read and watch on the internet, I’ve decided to share them with you.

Here are links that taught me a lesson or two this week. (I read more, but can’t share all na.)


From Ibunkun Awosika- starting a business requires creativity more than money. In the long run, integrity is what will back you up. Read this inspirational article here.

Work as unto the Lord! It might take a while, but it pays.

This lady didn’t know what was in store for her as she did her work diligently even though life has thrown her many lemons. Read it here.



I hope these links teach you a thing or two.

I’d share more as we move along! 😘😘😘

Stay blessed.

Love always,


Please note- this idea was inspired by Berry Dakara who also shares links on her blog each week.

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