Redefined masculinity: Why are you here?

Redefined masculinity: Why are you here?

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As noted in this post, we will be having a series on the blog under #RedefinedMasculinity.


God wants to do something with the men. I’ve seen so many women ministries (and this is wonderful), but I wonder why the men are left out.
I remember someone saying that with the rate with which we’re going, in the next few years, men will be the marginalized sex. And this person quoted facts.

If we’re not careful, we’d start fighting for men rights and struggling to find men after God’s heart in the next 20 years because the focus is now ALL on women.

Women ministries.
Women gatherings.
Women talk shows.
Women rights.
Women groups.
Women this and women that.

Before I continue, I’d like to ask that you don’t get me wrong. I am all for women rights. Trust me, my ‘activist’ side comes out very often on Twitter. Lol.

But on the spiritual side, I see a lagging behind for the men. I remember retweeting a lady who had stated how men needed to become men of prayer because she wasn’t ready to be reminding her man to do quiet time or pray.

Many say they want Godly, well-trained women.
Who says women don’t want Godly, well-trained men too?

I also remember a comment under a post on TNC where someone had said he/she doesn’t understand why so many women are coming out to talk about sexual purity and the likes. This person didn’t mean it in a nice way. But it is the truth.

When it comes to serious talks and discussions, it’s almost as if men prefer to be silent. (Can anyone please explain why?)

I’ve heard and seen countless guys who think a lady should keep herself until marriage, but say men are wired differently.
Please, don’t even be deceived that women don’t feel things or don’t have sexual urges.
But why do many men think it is VERY OK to choose only what favours the flesh, especially sexually.

Before I forget, let me ask you, why are you here?

You see, this month, I spent much time listening and relistening to Myles Munroe’s DIE EMPTY. I think you should too.

You life isn’t all about sex, women, money and ambition.
Your life is more, but it can only be more when you decide to die empty.

I remember your brother, Joseph, my best Character in the Bible, young, wild and free IN CHRIST.

You must have heard his story countless times. How he shared his vision with his brothers and got into serious trouble for it. He was sold and sent to prison for NOT accepting to sleep with his boss’s wife.

What he said has been a guideline for me when taking some decisions: How can I do this wicked thing AGAINST GOD?

Men need to get to a stage where God is ‘numero uno’. When you get to this stage, it will no longer be about what your padis or women are saying, your life will first be measured by what makes God glad.

Everyone tells women to learn to cook, clean, stay in shape, speak and walk well, know how to keep a man, pray and keep themselves.

You nko?

I want to charge you to begin to do these things today. (If you can’t cook, learn!)

Masculinity in our context has always meant being hard, angry, bossy, rude, without emotion, rich, but how can we redefine masculinity?



Why are you here?

Are you here just to hustle, marry a prayerful wife and give birth?
Are you here just to party and sleep around?
Are you here just to make money and spend it on whichever woman makes you happy at the moment?
Are you here to go to school, get a job in a bank and retire?

Why are you here?

I believe WITHOUT DOUBT that you can only know who you are and why you’re here AFTER you have accepted Christ. I’m telling you the truth.
I lacked vision and mission without Christ.

I don’t have your answers, at least, not the really deep ones.
I am not a man and will never be one, but I see a gap and feel strongly that it needs to be fixed.

It has been so heavy on my heart that I have been praying for God to raise men for Him and that He should make more men ministries, fellowships and gatherings.

I come across MANY guys and feel sad. I meet men who claim to be believers and get shocked when they begin to speak. I run when I meet brothers in the Lord who lack direction and think they are now capable of leading a family.

Why are you here?

Please, take a moment and answer.

Why did God make you?

I’m currently reading ‘The principles and power of vision’ and these words from it are the best way to end this post.

“Jesus said, ‘For this reason, I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth’ (John 18:37). You must have a clear reason for your life, as Jesus did. I know what mine is. I was born to raise up leaders and to train them so they can impact their entire nations for generations to come. That is my reason for living. I was born to inspire and draw out the hidden leader in every human being I meet. When you are around me, suddenly you are going to feel good about yourself. If you stay around me long enough, you’ll start being your true self. Why? I was born for that. I was wired for that. What has God wired you for?”

If you can’t answer why you’re here, this might help: What will you like to be remembered for?

Dr. Myles is definitely remembered for his reason for being here in the first place.



I know few men who know why they are here and walking in God’s purpose for their lives, but they’re very few. This post isn’t to say that there are none Christ-like men…


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God bless!

Love always,



  • Oluwatosin

    God bless you for this,him alone indited your heart on this matter.while I was reading,a lot of thoughts flashed through my heart but am sticking with when the Lord spoke to Elijah telling him he has reserved 7000 prophets for himself in Israel.I believe there are more men out there,who are after God’s heart.But I believed what the men need, is what Bishop TD Jakes said which is ” if only people of destiny can fly with one another towards purpose.”

    • The way I love your comment ehn, especially the last two men.
      I know without doubt that there are men ON FIRE for Christ. I have FEW friends like that. My problem though, is that many who claim to be believers don’t walk into all that God has for them. You’d be amazed how timid born again men are, many of them act like being born again should be kept as a secret. Lol.
      Meanwhile, one man declaring can make many more come out to testify…

      Still, I know God has his 7000 because I believe my man is part. Lol.

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Aramide

    so so true! Women need men that will pray for them, wives need a priest, provider and protector too. I think it was in “TWTW” study, someone mentioned that of all the men that had barren wife as at then, only Isaac prayed for his wife and in the next verse or so we read that she conceived!!!
    Yes, we still have remnant men on fire for God but we need more!
    God bless you B!!! I know God is working and stirring up hearts for Himself.

    • Yes! I agree that we do have men for God, but we need many more. Haha.
      We need priests in every home so we can raise generations of Children who know and serve the Lord.
      One thing I take serious is that my children should and would know my Lord and call Him master too.
      It’s painful to see parents who serve the Lord with Children who don’t. And this is a thing that both parents should pray for, not only the women or Mothers; but men and Fathers too.

  • This made me smile, Mobolaji: “I run when I meet brothers in the Lord who lack direction and think they are now capable of leading a family”. Lol.

    It is one thing to be in the Lord, it is another to walk WITH the Lord (that is, live according to His leading). The difference?

    One is though born again, he sticks to HIS OWN plans and wish. While the other is also born again, but surrenders to God’s purpose and plan for his life. Some persons accept Christ, but do not make Him their Lord.

    The man who submits to God’s purpose and plans resembles Christ in character and competence more than he who doesn’t.

    The bottom line? Some men, though they may be in Christ, appear purposeless and directionless because they do not walk WITH Him…

    Let me leave it here for today…as always, great piece, Mobolaji. Trust you’re doing great.

    • Heyyyy.

      Lol. I run o, don’t even try me!
      Gosh, I love how you explained it. God bless you Michael. Indeed, God can be one’s saviour but not their Lord.
      Though saved, many still follow their will because God will NEVER force anyone to do His will.

      May God open eyes and help more people and men in Jesus name.
      Thanks for reading.

      As for me, I’m great and blessed! Thank you again.

  • mide

    Thank you Micheal for that comment, you made it really clear.

    That comment applies to both gender, because today i still asked myself if i have truly given Christ Lordship of my life or i still run my life and ‘gbam’ i came here and read your comment, #not a coincidence at all#

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