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Here’s a guest post by a dear brother and follower of Jesus too. Enjoy!


If you are a writer or someone who simply loves to scribble your thoughts, one of the best things I have realised you can do for yourself is to read your own posts/write-ups, cultivate the habit of reading what you write, even after publishing.

It is easy as a writer (say as a blogger or a published author) to feel that you know the content of what you have written and published. Well, that’s true (Besides, you wrote it). The words contained there are your thoughts.

You most likely spent hours and even nights crafting the right words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs to birth a beautiful piece of blog post or book. And after publishing, you feel a sense of fulfilment, a sense of importance. You feel a rush of adrenaline. You think to yourself, “I’m doing something worthwhile. I’m causing change”.
I, however, found that though I may know the content of what I have written and published, whenever I go back to read them, they speak to me on a whole new level, much more than any piece written by someone else.
Here’s an example of what I mean:

Recently, I published a post on my blog about learning to dwell/focus on the good things that are happening in our lives, not on the not-so-good ones; to dwell on the positives, not the negatives. Dwelling on the negative leaves us drained, discouraged and fearful about tomorrow.

The devil uses it as a weapon against us; he paints the not-so-good  to appear grimmer than they actually are, making you lose sight of the great things God is working out in your life!
It had been about two weeks after I published the post, but when I went back to read it (yes, I love reading my blog probably more than anyone else!), it ministered to me specially.

Ironically, I was somehow becoming guilty of what the post discouraged – I was beginning to dwell on the negatives (talk about being a victim of what you preach against!), but reading that post made me feel different almost instantly, I was encouraged!
I believe that as Christian bloggers, authors, preachers or teachers, God can give you a word of encouragement that may not be meant specifically for you at that time, but for someone else.
You then compose this message into a blog post, book or sermon, and share via your platform(s), which is great! But afterwards, ensure that you read your posts. Read your articles. Read your books. Listen to your sermons, because that message of encouragement is meant for you as well; maybe not as at when you composed and published it, but most probably later on.
This does not apply to bloggers, authors and preachers alone, but to every child of God. As long as you have a relationship with God through Christ, and maintain fellowship with Him through the Holy Spirit, He would regularly encourage you with His word. It may not necessarily be for you at the time you received it, but ensure you listen to your own words of encouragement to others and take them to heart.

For instance, God could lead you to someone battling depression and nurturing suicidal thoughts, or someone who is grieving over the death of a loved one, you then go on to try and encourage the person with God’s word- telling him or her that with God, all hope is never lost, that He makes all things work together for good for those who love Him and other encouraging Biblical truth.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, the individual would be encouraged, gradually heal and make a full recovery from the bout of depression and grief, and go on to live the life God has planned for him or her. That is wonderful!
But ensure that as you share the message of encouragement with others, read your own posts, books, sermons or messages of encouragement to others, because you will need it.




Whew…who can relate? Because I clearly can relate with this post!

Sometimes, I receive notifications of comments on really old posts on I then read the post again to understand where the person (commenter) is coming from (like to better understand them) and I must say, I’m always blessed by my old articles; to the glory of God!

I’ve probably read ‘How I met God on Twitter‘ more than anyone else.

If you put out content, you definitely should read them often, even after you have shared them.

Thanks a lot Michael! God bless you. You can connect with him on his blog: StillSmallVoice; on Facebook- Michael Tobechukwu and twitter @Jesus_Protege


P.S: If we’re friends on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter; you’d probably have an idea where I’ve been for sometime now.

I had my project defence last week and these are things I might not share on the blog, so connect with me: @mobolaaji to read other articles I share on social media.

I started making YouTube videos too: Mobolaji Olorisade.

Do have a blessed week everyone!

Love and light,






  1. I can relate with this post. Recently Facebook does this reminder of past post or events. At some moment those past post of mine were ministering to me, it dawned on me how you could have written something for years and reading it again directly relate to your present situation. Thanks for the post, more blessings.

  2. That’s so true Tosin, old posts (sometimes written years back) have a way of ministering to us in our present situation. They are usually a “gold mine”.
    Congratulations Bolaji on your project defence, trust you “defended” well. Thanks and God bless you too sis.

  3. I read my own posts oh. Especially the Bible studies. I even watch my own videos. I rewatched the video we made on faith for books when i was working on “prayers for your future husband”
    We are vessels. And sometimes vessels for our own selves too not just for others.

    God bless uou Tobechukwu. Keep dwelling on the positives. Seeing your life and situation and timing through the lens and eyes of Jesus

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