Read this if you need help with your baby book.

Read this if you need help with your baby book.

Hey hey hey.

Even though it’s been almost two weeks, I’m still in awe of all God did/has done throughout my book journey.



From that first night I got the idea from God (I think in the Month of March or May), to the 24th of September, 2016 where we had the Nigerian launch, feedback and reviews have been phenomenal.

We tried to get a PERFECT job done (the hustle ehn!), but there were little mistakes here and there in the book. Lessons learned though…(next prints will be 🙌🙌🙌)

When publishing, get a copy printed, read it WELL and then make final changes. I didn’t really have time to do this, so I’d advise you to do so if you’re printing a book.

I’m sure you thought this post was going to be about me giving tips, advise and insights on how to birth a book. It’s not that I know nothing that may help you, but Frances has been graced for this.

Haha. She was basically there (holding my hand) almost throughout the whole creative process of LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS, down to it’s launch.

I’m a little mad at her that I’d miss her first Aspiring Authors seminar, but I know it’d be of great value to you. Not only will she sometimes put fire on your butt, she’d also be quick to remind you of God’s will concerning the book He has asked you to write.

Not many people have this hunger to help people like you and I. In fact, I don’t think I know any other Author who is willing to help Aspiring Authors like Frances.
I need to tell you that she knows her work.

See, I’m not writing this because she’s my sister-friend. She doesn’t know I’m writing this, but I need to share because of how helpful she was to me.

Please, take a moment to thank Frances for our book. Lol.
Ultimate thanks to God…but she tried!

Sometime in December is the date. Mark it in ‘ya’ calendar. Interestingly, she put together a manual for Aspiring Authors to make the journey easier for us. She shared her mistakes, her triumphs, how to market and all it entails to successfully publish a book in Nigeria.

When I started out, Google was tired of me. There’s no day I didn’t try to find information on how to successfully self-publish in Nigeria.
Guess what, I got nothing!
At least, nothing really helpful, except for the address of the National Library in Yaba where I got ISBN.
I didn’t know that Frances was the one God was going to use to ‘epp’ me.

She just concluded a 6 weeks intensive course for Aspiring Authors, but even that isn’t as deep as what she’d be sharing at the seminar. Plus, you’d also receive the manual.
And your payment covers both…3k!

(You may pay a little more if you want her to coach you one on one.)

In my opinion, her first seminar is awuuf.

Don’t let me talk too much.

Check her site: imperfectlyperfectlives.com for more.
Or simply click sign up and get more info about the seminar.

I’d miss the seminar because I’ve resumed school, but if you’re in Lagos, you don’t want to miss it.

God bless.



Oh. And before I forget, if you attend the seminar and need to edit your baby book, send a mail to bolajiolorisade@gmail.com.
You’d only pay half, as long as you’re at the Aspiring Authors seminar.

I love Frances too much and I’m impressed because of how she carries ‘aspiring authors’ on her head. My whole family knows her now sef, because I kept singing it during the creative process of the book. 😂

Need help now?
Mail okorofrances@gmail.com


Call numbers to get a copy of LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS.





Or simply send a mail to letsconnect@omobolaji.com.

New here? Welcome!


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