Why not prevail? What is holding you back?

What’s that thing you’re being selfish about? Why don’t you want to share it with the world? Why are you still holding back what will write your name in the sands of time?

For me it’s fear. I’m afraid that if I share what goes on in this small head of mine, people would kill my dreams even before I tell them all. I fear that my dreams are too big.

I don’t see myself depending on a salary to survive. I don’t see myself working for someone else. I don’t see myself sorting papers. I don’t even see myself. Because the me I see is not me.

I see myself lending to Nations. I see a mansion I’ve built for my parents. I see a mall I’ve built for my mum. I see my car before I’m 21(bought with my own money.) I see myself traveling the world. I see myself speaking and healing peoples hearts with my words and action. I see my NGO for women and girls who have nowhere else. I see my NGO children. I see my NGO for the various homeless people in Ghana (and all around the world!) I see my many children. Biological and adopted.

But who am I to dream these dreams? Everyday I put them on paper, these things I see. This me I see. But everyday I do nothing. Fear does nothing. I change nothing. And God keeps pushing me, teaching and encouraging me. But I say to Him – “God, I’m Gideon! Show me a sign that you really want me to do this.’ And everyday He does.

And the next day I say again- ‘God, I’m Gideon! Show me a sign that you really want me to do this.’ And so we merry-go-round. Me and God. In circles. In circles we go. But whose fault? His or mine? Definitely mine.

So what’s your own story? What’s holding you back? What are you being stingy about? Why aren’t you giving yourself to the world? Why?

I pray that after your doubts. After your fear. After your unbelief. That you please prevail. And do it in fear.

Prevail. I pray that I prevail. That we prevail. Amen.

Love, Bolaji.


I wrote this on my former blog and I’m glad, that though I’m not there yet; I am now prevailing.

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