PraiseLetter8: My Faithful Father.

PraiseLetter8: My Faithful Father.

Hey everyone!

I hope your week has been awesome and filled with love?

It’s funny how I’m now on a mini leave from the internet because of my phone issue; though I had just been voluntarily off the internet some weeks ago. I somewhat miss my phone but I guess it’s time for a change. I have a testimony to share about the phone story but I’d incorporate it in the PraiseLetter below. Enjoy.

My faithful father. The everlasting one. The king of kings. The Lion of the tribe of Judah. The ancient of days. The Lilly of the valley. The bright and morning star. The light of my life. The owner of my soul. The crown of glory. The reason for everything.

My faithful father. My words are not enough to describe my love and thankfulness. My heart overflows in worship of your Majesty. If I say THANK-YOU in a thousand songs with a thousand languages, it will never be enough.

I wrote in my journal the day after my phone spoiled that I want your will to be done with this phone issue; and indeed nothing is better than your will. I never in my wildest dreams thought that Your Will will be for someone to get a phone of my choice for absolutely no amount. I did not imagine that Your Will will be that without any strings attached; I could get a better phone without stress.

I know that you used him to favour me. Only you could have pushed him to ask me about the whatsapp message he sent; so that I could in turn tell him my phone was bad. You pushed him to ask me to bring it to him the next day; and you have used him up till this point. My Faithful Father; you always surpass my requests. However; this is very little compared to what you did today.

Image Source: tumblr.com
Image Source: tumblr.com

Somehow, my mum asked me to pray for her last week against death. She requested that I pray that the devil will not have his way and that she will reap the fruit of her labour on us. I didn’t take it serious at first. Till I had a dream that day about the same thing my mum asked me to pray against. I prayed. I did.

At night, sleep eluded me. I just knew that I had not gotten a note of victory in my spirit; but I wanted to sleep. You did not allow. I finally answered you and started to pray for my parents. I used the picture of them on my phone and kept on repeating “YOU SHALL NOT DIE BUT LIVE, YOU SHALL NOT DIE BUT LIVE…” until I sensed victory and then slept.

Now I know why. My mother called me today about the attack; the FAILED attack. The car had developed a problem on Lagos-Ibadan express way and the devil’s agent came with a gun to rob. He took my parent’s phones and demanded for money; but they didn’t have. So he pointed his gun at my father; but my Faithful Father, you kept him, you kept them. He then took my mum’s bag because it was heavy; but he will realize soon that it was filled with just fruits. JUST FRUITS.

My faithful father. You covered my parents even before time and though I prayed; it has little to do with my prayers. It has everything to do with YOUR FAITHFULNESS. No wonder you kept asking me to just thank you this morning; though I had no idea why. So again, I say THANK YOU.


Image Source: faithwithoutborders.com
Image Source: faithwithoutborders.com

Thank God with me you guys! Our God is faithful o!

I’m having such a wonderful time in His presence without my phone; unlike the first time I went on internet leave. He makes everything beautiful in His time jare.

I love you guys plenty.



  • I feel this warmth whenever I’m reading your blog. God who sees your praise will continue to put more praises on your lips. Thank God for miracles. Thank God for the new phone and thank God for the lives of your parents. As in I read the part of God rescuing them and I was just going wow!! This our God is just too awesome for words. He’s so marvelous! The things he does to us and for us. We cannot tell it all. Indeed He is faithful, even in the times we’ve not been faithful. Ever loving and glorious father.

    I think I really enjoy your Praise letters. More and more praises we’ll share on this blog.

    P.S: I missed you and thought I should check on you 🙂 Hugs^^ I do hope you’re good.

    • Sigh! I missed you too! I have not gotten the phone yet and that’s why I haven’t been constant.
      I totally get because I get insight from your awesome blog as well! May we all share PraiseLetters through out our lives in Jesus name. Amen.
      Our God is faithful!

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