PraiseLetter7 : Ayodele Olorisade.

PraiseLetter7 : Ayodele Olorisade.

Hey Hey Hey!
Thank God it’s Friday.

Mahn, I missed you guys so much!
I don’t want to write a long introduction today. Here’s a PraiseLetter by my first sister who always claims to be my mother! Haha, I call her mummy too (when I need something from her…lol). Please read and get your lessons just as I did.

My sis cum daughter requested that I grace this awesome blog with my write up. I’m not a writer like her but I’ll try to do justice to this piece. And I need to say that it’s an honour to write on this blog. Mobolaji is my daughter but she inspires me a lot, so I pray that the Grace and Anointing of God will continue to be on her ministry and may it continue to grow and impact lives all over the world.

I am actually a private person so I had to really take time to think whether I wanted to write this or not. I even considered being anonymous but here I am….yours truly.

I have so many reasons to be grateful to God. In fact, the reasons are uncountable. I’m grateful for the Salvation of my soul, for the fact that I know him, for the free access I have to Him. For the time I was almost kidnapped but He saved me, for the many accidents He has saved me from, for divine provision, for great friends and family. Sincerely, God has remained faithful even when I have not been.
However, today’s piece is about waiting on God and trusting Him to come through for you no matter what and no matter how long it takes. It’s about how I met my husband to be.

I have always been a dreamer. Whatever I lacked or didn’t get when growing up, I made up for in dreams.
I dreamt of anything and everything from my profession, to being married at a certain age, to having twins, to owning a women empowerment centre, to travelling the world, to impacting the world positively and many more.
At that time though, it seemed the marriage dream was delaying. Years after the age I wanted to be married I was still single. There was already pressure from my parents but I didn’t let that move me, instead I cried to God. And it wasn’t because I was a desperado. I have always been kind of independent but nevertheless I wanted my own man. I wanted a husband whom God has chosen from above; especially since I was convinced I didn’t have the calling of Paul not to marry. (You know what I mean).
I can say I’ve been blessed because most of the guys that have asked me out are good people. Some were rich, some not so rich but all with great prospects. Though, I knew none of them was for me because I didn’t get confirmation from my Father, Baba God himself. Each time I turned down a prospective husband I asked myself ‘What if someone else doesn’t come?’

Image Source : americaadopts.com
Image Source : americaadopts.com

Anyway, while I was waiting to be found, my husband to be was right there around me. We were/are in the same unit in church but were just hi- hi friends. The thought of him being my husband never crossed my mind, until one faithful day when God linked us through a chat. That’s testimony for another day.

When he made his intention known and said I should pray about it, I didn’t even take it serious and did not ask God for His leading. I simply ignored him, but thank God for some spirit filled people around me who urged me to even try and give him a chance. That was when I took his case to God in prayer and I got a confirmation. Surprisingly it didn’t take long. Even when I got the confirmation, I was still adamant but God had already given me His answer; so it was left to me to obey or not.

Image Source : Unknown.
Image Source : Unknown.

I thank God I obeyed and followed His leading because I have not regretted it and I won’t ever regret it by His grace.
I prayed, I fasted and just held on to God to send me my man.

By the Grace of God I’m getting married in a matter of months and I’m very excited. I’m sorry for this long story but I hope my story will encourage someone out there who’s waiting on God for one thing or the other; it may be a life partner, a child, a job, fulfilment of your dreams, anything at all. Sometimes what we need is right there around us, we just need the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT to SEE. God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ever think or imagine. There were times I almost lost my faith, but like David I encouraged myself in the Lord and made confessions like “None shall lack it’s mate”, so I Ayodele will not lack mine. I thought he was out there somewhere, not knowing he’s been close by all along. We just needed God to open our eyes.

I’m forever grateful to God for the wonderful man in my life, Oluwarotimi teminika(my only Oluwarotimi), the man of my dreams and the man after God’s own heart.

After Gods heart
I encourage you that whatever it is you are trusting God for, hold on, hold tight, don’t lose your faith, don’t give up on Him or yourself. He’s a God of time and seasons, but He doesn’t work according to our time and seasons. He knows what we need at the exact time we need it, He knows us more than we know ourselves and His plans for us are always of good and not of evil to give us a hope, a future and an expected end.
Today, I can say boldly that Dreams come true and God makes everything beautiful in His time; remember in His time and not our own time
I pray your dreams come true just like mine did. And of course, as some of my dreams are being fulfilled, I dream new and bigger ones. You should too. God bless you.

Ayodele Olorisade, sister/mother of blogger omobolaji.com. (At least let me claim glory too)

Isn't she 'burifu'?
Isn’t she ‘burifu’?

Well, what else can I say! Thanks Sis Ayo for sharing your ‘PraiseLetter’ with us! I used to wonder how you felt going for one wedding after the other, buying Aso-ebi(family clothes for weddings) and being on bridal trains for friends. Thank God you waited for God to lead!
I’m sure we all have learned that God’s time is always the best and we should trust with our whole hearts that He’d send us a partner after His own heart.
Let me also add that being single shouldn’t make you pause your life! Do exciting things! Go out and see new places. Make awesome friends and live in joy. God writes beautiful love stories; don’t settle for less until He starts writing yours.

I’d be posting tomorrow in order to gist you about how my break from the Internet was.
Be safe.
I love you guys sooooooo much! I’m literally hugging you.


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