PraiseLetter6: Oyesola Odejinmi

PraiseLetter6: Oyesola Odejinmi

It’s Friday again! 🙂
Which means it’s time to send a letter to our God for His faithfulness. Today, my friend from ‘Ajayi Crowther University’, where I spent a year before leaving, shares his PraiseLetter with us. I thank God for him and that God finally arrested him! Lol.
It’s exciting to see how God takes time to change people into beautiful beings.
Here’s Oye’s letter…

Yes!!! My name is Odejinmi Oyesola Oluwaseun and I Thank God for the salvation of my soul. God has been very awesome to me, even in ways beyond my comprehension. Ah! Baba Eshe (Thank you Father)


The journey to where I am now has in no way been smooth. I thank God for all the disappointments, because I have come to understand that things happen for a reason. And that I should Thank God no matter the situation I find myself, because He is bigger than all of my problems.

I encourage you about that issue giving you sleepness nights; talk to God about it and you would be surprised how you would be able to sleep well and wake with your heart at ease.

I thank you God, because as you have declared this year as my year of abundance and rest, you have indeed kept to your word and never failed. There were days I went to work with 300naira and you made it enough.

Thank you for also keeping my parents and providing for them, because most of what I have now has been through them; even my B.A(Bachelor of Arts). Please, Continue to manifest your power in their lives.

Daddy, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to know and accept you. Many have gone without accepting you and the love you readily give, but you have spared me.
Thank you for those things I have prayed about. Though, I am yet to receive them I know you are working something out, just as you always do.


Thank you Father for Omobolaji Oluwayemisi Olorisade who is reaching out to many people with this blog, which I believe is yours and not hers. Keep her and grant all of her heart desires.
I love you Father. *Shalom*

Thank you for sharing your PraiseLetter with us Oye. I say ‘Amen’ to your prayers and yes, the blog isn’t mine but my father’s.
Our God is one who can make your #300(Naira) more than enough. He never leaves us stranded.
A Pastor in my church said yesterday that if you really ‘feel’ like you don’t have any reason to praise God, you better create one. For the ‘mere’ fact that you were able to read this post without pain is something to thank God about.
A friend shared a testimony in school fellowship that she was grateful that she could sleep so well. She said she could sleep in the afternoon and still be able to sleep in the night; but that her dad had to take pills to sleep!

Nothing is ridiculous or too small to thank God for. Tell God ‘Thank You!’ right now! He’s awesome!

I will be posting something on bullying tomorrow. We need to know that it’s not ok. However, I would not be posting throughout next week. I’m taking a 7 days leave from the internet! Not that it’s not awesome(I mean, I love you guys!), but it could sometimes take so much of my time that I forget to connect with people around me and just listen to them. I also want to listen, and not only talk to God this week.
It’d fall during Easter and I want to wish you a pleasant time in God’s presence throughout this period and beyond. His death and resurrection is the only reason we can even talk about Him today. He died for us!


Remember that and stay thankful.
If you’d like to share your PraiseLetter with us, please send me a mail on bolajiolorisade@gmail.com. We want to know why you’re excited about God!

Till our next PraiseLetter(which every single guy or lady wouldn’t want to miss).
I love you guys!

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