PraiseLetter 9: The little things.

PraiseLetter 9: The little things.

Good day and happy new month guys!May this month bring God’s grace and favour like we’ve never experienced before. Amen!
I hope your week has been awesome? (I think the word ‘awesome’ is my favorite English word because I use it so much.) 😀
You know how I said I had issues with my phone? Well, my small phone misplaced on Election Day too (I vied for the post of Vice-President in a club called Journalists for Human Rights in school and I lost; but that is a story for another day.) So, I have basically been off from what’s been happening in the world.
Everything has been sooooo busy around here and exams start in 10 days. I love this place, but I really look forward to coming home to rest for the few months I have as break.
Anyways thank God it’s Friday! This is the day the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it. Amen? Amen!
Let’s dive straight into today’s PraiseLetter, shall we?

Jesu Christi, oga ogo. (Jesus Christ, the king of Glory).
I want to begin by saying you’re awesome. You blow my mind all the time.
I thank you that you know me. As in, you truly know me! You get me like nobody else does. You know how imperfect I am and still your perfect love never fails me.
Only you could have sent someone to bless me with the exact handout I was worried about just few minutes after I thought of it.
And it’s for those little things you do for me that I’ve come to say ‘thank you’ today.

‘Every time I see another breaking of the day, I say thank you Lord!’ Thank you for new days and months for they give new chances to walk in purpose.
Thank you for the functioning body system that you’ve given to me. I can see, walk, talk, dance, scream without pain and I don’t take it for granted.
Thank you for my family. You could have placed me anywhere you pleased, but you placed me here with loving and supporting people around. You’ve given me parents who love me and sisters who are like mothers to me.
Thank you for friends! (Old and new) You’ve placed a support system around me as friends. You’ve brought people that love me on my good and bad days into my life; and you’ve not given me fiends as friends. I’m grateful that the people I call friends are your people too, so we don’t have to pretend. Many might not know the true effect that right friends have in our lives, but I do; so I bless your name for friends.
Thank you for academics! It might seem overwhelming sometimes but because of formal education, you’ve opened my eyes to the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around me. Education is a tool you’ve used (and still using) to transform my mind.
Also, thank you for informal education! The little lessons I learn every day.
That I can control my feelings and my mouth.
That I can choose to do the right thing regardless of my feelings.
That reaching out to people isn’t so bad.
That apologizing does not kill.
That giving is rewarding.
That forgiving brings peace.
That crying isn’t a bad thing.
That love is the way.
That Christ is life.

All these I didn’t learn from formal education, but I thank you for these lessons.
Thanks for remaining God. You never change and your faithfulness is everlasting. Thank you my father!
You have gained me with love. I’m forever grateful for the little things…


Do have a great weekend ahead! Step out of your comfort zone and do something worthwhile and fun! (Not like I have plans of my own o)

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Say a prayer for my mum. Her birthday is tomorrow and I over love the woman! I should put up a post tomorrow to celebrate her, so stay tuned. Plus, you don’t want to miss ‘The Word’ on Monday o! I’m still learning lessons from the topic for next week.
I miss you guys very much and as soon as I get the phone, I’d bombard you all with gist.

Much love, B.


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