PraiseLetter 33 – Stacy Bright- Davies

PraiseLetter 33 – Stacy Bright- Davies

Hey hey hey!



Hey Stacy Bright- Bright!

I know your name is Stacy Bright-Davies, but you know I can be goofy so…😁


Happy new month sweet people of God!
I’m already excited about what mighty things God will do this month. Haha!

Can somebody say- GLORY!!!

Ok. Let me not be silly and just go right into today’s letter. It’s a short read that will make you realize that we can never thank God enough.
We mostly thank Him for things we see, what about the ones we don’t see?

Stacy’s letter is right after this word.

I was on my way home from school one hot Wednesday afternoon. I arrived at the Circle Bus Station, entered a bus en route my area and waited for it to “load” (get full).

We were now about fifteen in the bus when an unimaginable thing happened. The bus begun to  move on its own.

Right in front of us was a bigger bus. We were a few seconds from smashing into it when one passenger in front pulled the hand break.

The driver rushed to us and apologised, saying it was caused by a bit of negligence on his part and not as a result of a fault with the vehicle.

Some of us frowned in distress while others muttered a bit. Now, the bus was full and we were about to move.

That’s when another unfortunate (or should I say fortunate) thing happened. Immediately the bus begun to move, it jolted unusually. Some drivers nearby then shouted that the bus had a bad flat tyre from a puncture.

This is where I saw the most shocking thing ever in 2016; The driver pulled out a tiny container of super glue and told us he will solve it in a jiffy.

Come and see passengers running out of this death trap! We all left for another bus immediately.

When I got home I begun to think; what if the driver had shabbily solved the tyre issue without us seeing or knowing?
What would have happened on the way?

How many times have I sat in an unsafe vehicle without knowing?

For so many years, I’ve been using the road and have not lost my life or been injured.

I usually pray for road safety and often thank God for safe arrivals, but that day made my thanksgiving to God more sincere and heart felt. It was like God used it to teach me a deeper lesson.

If God opens our eyes to see how often He pulls us out of harms way, we will be shocked.

I just want to use this opportunity to say once more; THANK YOU JESUS FOR MY LIFE AND FOR BEING MY PROTECTION.

Thanks Stacy for this beautiful heart felt letter. I especially loved how you connected the experience with how God does so much for us that we don’t see!

We’re being ungrateful if we thank God for only the things we see, honestly!

I wrote – ‘Thank you Jesus’ over and over again in my journal today, because sometimes words fail me.
Where do we even begin to thank God and how?

Is it with singing or dancing or with offering? Because all of that plus more isn’t enough o.

I join Stacy to thank God today, for who He is!
I love this song by Travis Greene- THANK YOU FOR BEING GOD!

He’s just awesome like that jare!

Have a pleasant month ahead.
Happy happy happy new month to you.
Don’t let anything steal your joy!

And remember to keep smashing your goals! Lol.



Feed the Homeless is tomorrow and I’d be back with full gist after the event.

This month on our BWB (Blossom with Bolaji) section, we’d be focusing on topics related to dreams, goals and aspirations. I think it’d be nice if that segment of the blog had a little structure per month!

Remember to spread love and Jesus everywhere!

Love always,


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