PraiseLetter 30: Thankful for family.

PraiseLetter 30: Thankful for family.

Hey hey hey!



How has your week been?
Aren’t you just thankful for this past week?

I can’t wait to share my experiences this past week with young ladies in the nearest future. Mahn, God really is faithful. I don’t understand Him, but He is ALWAYS good. Even when it doesn’t seem like it.

I’m thankful for this week. There’s a kind of growth that only comes when we truly realize that it’s ONLY GOD that we have and need.

Today, I’m thanking God for family. I’m thankful for friends that have turned family, but let’s face it, there are things that you can’t share with anyone expect those in your nuclear home.

Lord Jesus, I thank you!

I thank you for the Olorisade clan. A small family, but saturated with love. Thank you!
We have no cousins, and sometimes people don’t believe it, but this fact has been good in many ways. You’ve allowed us to stick to one another like bread to butter; because apart from you, we truly have no one else.

Thank you for all the good times! The laughs and goofy experiences. Like the bliss of sitting with mummy in her small shop(that will become chains of shops soon) and laughing about how the children ask about the price of all the biscuits and sweets; even though they already know the price.

Like the times when my dad continued to eat his amala like stone because I had just started cooking. He refused to allow anyone else make it until I knew how to roll amala the right way. Now, I can close my eyes and make it. It didn’t seem nice then, but it was worth it.

Thank you Jesus.

There was a time I hated my family. I didn’t understand why you put me with these people that I didn’t understand. Still, I thank you for those times!

The times I wished I had belonged to my friends family, whose father was a politician with plenty money.

I think I parked my things once, when I was still really young to declare that I wanted to start living with my friends upstairs.

I thank you!

I thank you for the hard times. Oh, they’ve been many! But they do not outweigh the good.
For all the “community” tears and pain that we have experienced together. It indeed has blessed us.

I thank you!
For the “not enough moments”. When we have to be content with what we have and stay thankful. For the times food finished and money wasn’t enough.

I thank you!

For my sisters.
Oh well, there are no words for this one. Nothing can describe the love I have for them.
For all the times we’ve hurt one another and prayed for each other; I thank you!

I just thank you.
For things we can’t and couldn’t share that you took care of.
Even things that we experienced individually, thank you!

Everything that has been till now has only encouraged me that the God we serve is faithful!
You’ve shown yourself as the Alpha and the Omega, you always finish whatever you start.
You’ve shown yourself as our banner, for you’ve won uncountable battles on our behalf.
You’ve shown yourself as Rapha, the healer who heals our souls and bodies.
You’ve shown yourself as Jehovah Jireh, the provider! For when we thought it was over, you always made a way!
You’ve shown yourself as a lamb and a Lion at the same time!

How do we thank you?

We never can praise enough.
But Psalm 103 is our mantra. For we will always remember ALL YOUR BENEFITS!

Thank you saviour.
You’re everything and everything is you!



That’s it for today! Short shey? 🙌

I hope you smiled a little while reading.

If you’d like to share a Praise Letter with the house, just mail it to letsconnect@omobolaji.com.
We’d be more than happy to share!

Have a fulfilled weekend.
The love is and always will be real for you.

Love always,


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See ya.♥★

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