PraiseLetter 29: Grateful for mistakes!

PraiseLetter 29: Grateful for mistakes!


Hey hey hey!

How’s the efamily doing?
I believe the week has been awesome for you?
Who can see weekend in the horizon already?

I definitely can. Lol.

Today, I’m thanking God for my mistakes. Many of them have given way for Him to prune and work on me.

So, here it goes!


How do I speak or say Thank You? Words have never been enough.

When I dance like David in reference to you name, I still want to do more. No dance step has truly helped me to tell you how I appreciate you.

How do I write my many thanks?
My hand will not be able to write enough words. And though typing is now an option, the computer still doesn’t do you justice.

When I pray to you, I don’t know whether to stand, sit or roll in reference of you. Words indeed aren’t enough!

Sinach said you’re the “way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness…”

She gets it, but it’s still not enough to magnify your majesty.

Today, I’m thanking you for my many mistakes!
For without them, I wouldn’t be the women I am. The woman I’m going to be will be better because of the mistakes on my path.

Like the mistake of dating without purpose. If it never happened, perhaps I’d have never known there was such a thing as purposeful relationships.

Like the mistake of snobbing friends when I’m in a bad mood. If it never happened, I’d not have known that I need your help daily to refine my attitude.

Like the mistake of starting a fiction series. If it never happened, I’d not have known that it probably wasn’t/isn’t my strong point.

Like the mistake of snicking out of my 1st University in Oyo to go the club. If it never happened, my parents wouldn’t have caught me and given their advice on how to live my University life.

Like the mistake of Obafemi Awolowo University (Ife) not putting my name on any admission list. If it never happened, I’d have not met the people I’ve met today. And I probably wouldn’t have finally given myself wholly to you.

Like the mistake of comparing myself to others and their achievements. For I’d never have known how to appreciate the gift you’ve given ME and learned how to stay on my lane!

Like the mistake of sometimes over-talking. If not, I’d have never known that I must prudent with my words and think before I talk.

Like the mistake of sometimes losing faith in you. If it never happened, I’d not have been able to learn to ask for your help with my unbelief.

So many mistakes, but I’m grateful for all them. Without them, there would have been no need for you to prune me.

I’m grateful for all the pruning. I really am! At the end, it’s all from Love because you are Love personified.

And for that, I say Thank You!



Thank you for reading!

God bless bless bless you!

As you must have read before getting here, I’ve suspended fiction on the blog for now. I guess I’d leave Itunu to that. Lol.
I think I’m better at writing one off fiction. Series doesn’t come so easily. And if you have to fight something all the time, you’re probably not gifted at it.
I was wondering what will be your response after sharing this. Then I though, wait!
Isn’t that what this efamily is about?
To blossom and get better in our walk with God unashamedly.

This race is a marathon, not sprint. Take your time, but use that time to develop your God-given gifts and use it to bless others!

Have a fantastic weekend ahead.

Love always, B.


Ps : Wednesdays will now be tagged ‘Blossom with B’ – BWB. It’s still like the section for memoirs, but the name will change.

If you’re on Periscope, follow @mobolaaji. I’m going to start using Periscope for ‘BWB’ this month and I’m sure you’d be super blessed. 😀🙌

Stay in grace! ♥♥♥


  • Praise letters always make me smile…like this did too.

    And on the fiction part..just glad that it led you into knowing what’s for you and what’s not.
    And periscope! Babe, I need wifi or something like you have, twill help this ministryyyy!

    Looking forward to the great things on here.

    • Thanks babe. There’s something about PraiseLetters that sooth one’s earth. I guess being thankful makes us glow. Lol.
      On fiction, yes yes! Every lesson learned…

      Lol. I used my mb, though school WiFi is most times good too. It’d be so awesome to have you on Periscope!

      Thanks babe.♥♥♥

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