PraiseLetter 28 – Frances Okoro.

PraiseLetter 28 – Frances Okoro.

Even the thought of writing this letter makes me smile…
So Daddy, you know this past week was a pretty “somehow” week for me… but we pulled through! With amazing news and great turn around no less!
But, what thrills me is that even before the great news came, I had already told Bolaji that I wanted to write a praise letter to you… You know what that means already right?
Awwww, I am excited to see that I could praise you even before I got the great news!
If that makes me happy… if this growth in my walk with you makes me this happy, then I can only imagine how glad it makes you 🙂

So I read these words of yours during the week and I just started crying…

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord , thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”
Jeremiah 29:11 KJV

I have always read it in the NLT version that replaces “thoughts” with “plans” but I believe that you wanted me to see “thoughts” that day.
I kept crying because here I was feeling a bit “somehow” and here you were telling me that even the thoughts in your so great and mighty head were of me.
Small me in one area in Lagos.


What do you feel when we worry ourselves to the death over things that don’t matter, Lord?
This week, I have felt your tender love…
Only yesterday I was watching a movie of a mother tenderly cradling her baby and you kept telling me “even more than that is how I love you. I love you tenderly Frances. I love you TENDERLY”.
“I love you tenderly” gives me the image of you cradling me in your arms with all the gentleness GOD like you can muster… looking at me with love and fire in your eyes… blazing through whatever wants to stand between the both of us and telling me “you are mine Frances, mine!”
And yes I know very well that I am yours… but I guess what I am getting to fully know now is that you protect and provide for what is yours…fiercely… you fiercely go all out for she… I who is yours.


As I saw that even your thoughts were of me, I heard you calmly say to me… “REST”.
And then “give me everything”.
“Let me know that I am enough for you.
There’s two seasons here… praise me in this season”.
And I am soooooooo glad that I started doing that before the breakthrough came.
I told you with my whole heart “Lord you are enough, you are enough for me” and I meant it with everything in me.


Your daughter reached me later… with something you laid in her heart to help me with…
I checked the time she dropped her message, and it was almost at the time I was studying Joseph’s story and marking lessons from him in my journal.
I was just steeping myself in you… in your Word, and you were busy stirring things and people to get to me.
It’s begun again this year Lord…
You have begun again.
The things you do… the helpers you raise up… the people you place in my path… you’ve begun it again.
And then on Wednesday, that your Word to me… oh my gosh!
It had me crying and laughing at the same time.
My flesh is tempted to say “but Lord I have no prospects!”
But I know better than that…
When you say it, it is as good as done.


Your promises in Jesus remain yea and amen! An ultimate yes! Yes! Yes!
So you and I know that outrageously delicious word you gave to me on Wednesday at Church… I mean, it was so crazy, I told only my brother, just so someone else can testify with me when it comes to life this year… and in the mouth of two of us as witnesses, it shall be established to the doubters that this was all God ohhhh.


Lord you know sha…
If I write that Word here now, people will call me crazy.
How do I know that it will come through?
Well, because you said it.
My Father who thinks about me day and night, said it. And once He says it, it is done.
I feel it in my Spirit – that part that is connected to you in deep ways.


What’s the point of my letter to you today Lord?
I know, it seems like I am just rambling on… you’ve done a lot in the space of a week, how can I not ramble on???


I just want to say that I love you.

That seems so little in view of just how great and awesome you are to me but I’m at a loss for words.
My smiles tell it all… my heart says it all.
I loooooooooooove you, I really do.

And what’s so amazing is that my love isn’t dependent on what you can do for me (though in your over generous nature you do and do and do for me)…
My love is just based on who you are.

It’s impossible not to love you!
I step into times of spending time alone time with you and the feeling I get is inexplicable.
Who wouldn’t love you Lord?
Well if they won’t, I do!
And I will alwaysssssss do!

Till my next tete a tete with you on B’s blog,
PS: B’s blog will feature the testimony of the outrageous amazingly superb word soonest 🙂



Oh, how this letter blessed me. I was shining my 32 (teeth) while reading it. It always encourages me to see ladies like Frances– Fine, fit and on fire for Jesus! See her thanking God about things He has promised. Isn’t that what faith is about?

I’m sure God is proud of you girl! You encourage me to want to grow deeper into the woman God wants me to be.

Thanks for sending this in! Love ya!

Please, check out her blog – imperfectlyperfectlives.com.



You people, what is the meaning of ‘tete a tete’?

Lol. Do not mind me o, as a communicator, shouldn’t I go and find out?

This reminds me of a classmate that is always blowing grammer (using complex words) in class. Even lecturers have begged him to speak simple English; he has refused to hear!


Have an amazing weekend ahead.

And don’t blow too much grammer.

Love always,



Let me just leave this here!

I think I slayed today! (Whatever that means!)
I think I slayed today! (Whatever that means!)



  • B!!!!
    See me shining my 32…
    I believe praise goes both ways, even as it makes God smile… it makes our heart burst in joy too… ohhhh..my heart! awww!

    Thanks for having me babe!
    So grateful for you!!!

    And in line with lessons from Joseph, we still have unfinished business God is sorting out for us in Ghana before you leave there.

    And “tete a tete” means like having a conversation, small round table convo session.

    And yes ohh, you slayed today! See as you finnnne!

    Love you girl!

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