PraiseLetter 27: The God of my future.

Hey hey hey!

Can you perceive that I’m not very eager to post Part 2 of Closer? Haha, it will come, not just today.
I’ve got to send this PraiseLetter out, if not, my heart wouldn’t be at rest.

You can read all PraiseLetters here. They’d bless your heart!

So, here it goes.


God! God! God!
How many times did I call you?

Why are you so mindful of me?
I sincerely sometimes try to fathom it, to understand why you do so much, why you love me so. I never seem to understand it. I just trust.

It’s for that that I write to you today.

Oh, and how you ALWAYS send a word in due season for me. You never send encouragement I might have needed yesterday; you send everything right on time!
Perfect timing.

So here I am.

I’ve come to make a promise.

One that’s heavy, but at the same time so light.
It’s heavy because of how imperfect I tend to be.
It’s light because of how perfect your love is to and for me.

I have called you the God of my yesterdays.
I call you the God of my today.

I’m here to promise that you always will be the God of my Future. You’re my forever God.
Nothing is ever going to break this bond.

Now that I write it, I can’t deny that I’m a little scared if my words will hold true when the future comes.
When I’m faced with pain and can’t seem to see your hand in my life, will I remember this promise?

Will I stand by it?

Then again,even now, I remember…
There have been many days in my life that I felt I wasn’t seeing you as the very good God people called you.
There have been days I’d been tempted to think that following you wasn’t the best option.

But, what did you do at those times?

You went ahead and showed me that you’re not a ‘come and go’ God. That, whether or not I feel you, you’re and always will be for me.

That’s what stamps my promise.

The fact that no matter what days are in the future, you’re already there.
The fact that your promises for me will always be true, makes me confident in my own promise.

This heavy and light promise that you’re my forever God.

You, sweet one, are the God of my Future.

Always and forever!

English language (and Yoruba join) hasn’t made enough words to express how I feel towards you. I’m only glad that more than words, you also see the heart.

Here’s what my heart says and more.
Accept it. Let the Angels read these words to you while you smile and promise that I’d always be your forever child.

You are the God of my Future!



My heart is full!
While writing this, I could almost see Angels peeping to see what was in my ‘electronic’ letter. Lol.

I love PraiseLetters and I know God does too! I know you do too!

If you ever want to share one with us, just send a mail to bolajiolorisade@gmail.com and it’d be posted on OUR blog.

It helps us magnify God and put Him at His place in our lives.

Have an amazing weekend ahead.

Someone is going back to school pretty soon. Lol. Say a prayer for me.

Love always,

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