PraiseLetter 24: Frances Okoro

PraiseLetter 24: Frances Okoro

Hey Hey Hey!

Hasn’t it been a while since we had a PraiseLetter up in here?

We sure haven’t stopped being grateful as an efamily right? Hopefully not!

My dear friend and blog sister sends one in today, with a very special gift attached too!

Frances published two books this year and I can testify that it has been God all through. Her new book “10 steps to walking in purpose” can be described with this word- BEAUTIFUL! I have started reading and all I could do was praise God for how far He’s brought her and how He has beautified her life with purpose.

Ok, full gist about the goody will be shared at the end of this letter. Do read and promise you don’t scroll down and miss the testimony in this letter. Here’s Frances sharing her heart with us. Enjoy!

Hi Daddy!

It’s me again… Frances Oghenerukevwe Okoro… of course you already know it’s me… I just felt like rattling off my full name again 🙂

So it’s been a long time we’ve been here on Bolaji’s blog.

The last time I wrote a praise letter to you, you still had me in Ekiti, my Davidic bush. Lol.

A lot has happened since then, I am sure you already know, but I will rattle it off anyway just because it’s so cool to gist with you.

Remember that idea you gave to me to write the book on purpose?

It came to life!

You did it!

Sending helpers to me, filling my heart with boldness, giving me sweet whispers of your Word to see me through the process of birthing the dream you placed in my heart…

It was all you Lord and I have no intention of taking the glory for myself.

You saw me through the writing process, the editing of the book, the plans for the book launch and the eventual successful launch at the School in Ekiti…

My heart soared that day Lord.

I got to the highest peak of fulfilment while walking in your purpose for my life so far.

It was so amazing!

I was literally walking on clouds that day… is this how fulfilling your plan for my life feels?

Thank you Lord!

It’s been almost a month since the launch and in that month I have moved to Lagos… you told me to go forward remember? I have.

But you already know everything that has happened since then.

I struggled with trusting your plan for my life for a while… sometimes I still do… but always you still my heart with your word.

Take this morning for example…

I woke up with Peter’s story in my heart again… Peter walking on water.

And then you told me “I am here. With you.”

You said it doesn’t matter if you have me doing nothing now or running around doing your works… all that matters is that you are here. With me.

How can I express just how much I want to thank you for this Word?


It’s been a roller coaster ride in my heart some days since I moved out of Ekiti…

Your way of dealing with me has had me confused and fearful sometimes.

Why is it that you don’t go the conventional way with me?

Some of my friends who passed out from NYSC with me have been going for job interviews, etc, etc.

Why am I just in a house, waiting for the next step from you?

Okay, the Ghana trip you laid on my heart to do, how come it just didn’t work out this year? And then you still told me it’s a Joseph kind of dream, so I shouldn’t drop it.

Okay, what about the book also?

I thought immediately I come to Lagos, all the plans my Pastor had will just smoothen out… but no, you’ve made me wait… you’ve instilled patience in me… you’ve been showing me my heart…

“Am I working for you? Or working for people?”

If you have me sitting at home waiting for you to bring your plans for my life to pass, will I obey you and wait or will I raise platforms for my own self?

So Lord, I am learning… you are teaching me what matters to you… what you need me to do and be in this season and in this time.

My flesh rebels sometimes but my spirit understands…

Here in this place, you are with me and that’s all I need.


So my love letter today is simply to thank you for being here.

Here in this place with me, where life seems to be passing me by.

Here in this place with me, where I don’t even see what the book you led me to write will bring.

Here in this place with me where I seem to have no platform, none of my writings making waves. None of my book hash tags trending.

Here in this place with me where it’s just me and you… me holding on to your hands, like Peter, crying “help me” all over and over again.

Not for you to help me with platforms, but for you to help me to stick with you.

That my heart will forever be yours.

That my soul, spirit and body… all of me exists only to worship you.

That all of me would rather live with you in the little than in the world with much.

That all of me will live in the season you have me in forever and ever.

That all of me will be grateful with my portion… not because I have resigned myself to live a little life, but because any portion you give to me is enough for me as long as you are here. With me.


I love you Lord.

Location hasn’t changed that.

Being in Lagos and mingling with friends again hasn’t changed that.

Being thrust into the hustle and bustle of the “city” hasn’t changed that.

I love you and will forever do.

Always and forever my heart is yours… always and forever.


Your Daughter,

Me (Even writing “me” makes my heart sing, because you already know “ME”!).


Oh! I hope you have been blessed! Reading PraiseLetters help me see God in another person’s perspective and how He deals with us differently. What matters most is what Frances has said in her letter; that as long as God is HERE with us, everything will fall in place.
On Wednesday, the topic during Mid-week service was ‘Silent Chapters’. Oh! That is a topic for another day, but what do we do in silent chapters of life? Like Frances…we trust. We trust. We trust.
Ok, I know you want to know the goody shey?
She’s giving out free e-copies of “10 Steps to Walking in Purpose” for JUST 2 weeks! 
How do you get your special copy? It’s simple…
Leave your email in the comment section and one will be sent to you before the ‘awuff’ ends. After the 2 weeks, you will have to purchase your copy.
I’m telling you, so much prayer, faith, holy tears and trust has gone into this book and you sure don’t want to miss it!
I know some of our ghost-readers still wouldn’t leave their emails for the book; you can send to me privately here- bolajiolorisade@gmail.com. No need to be shy!
Also, everyone who participates who lives in Lagos can attend her book reading/discussion on purpose, where some persons can win a hard copy of the book for themselves. (Will send update for the date, venue and all info needed.)
You definitely will leave with more clarity and direction on‎ your purpose in life.
It’s all about #10stepstowalkinginpurpose! Get involved!
Check imperfectlyperfectlives.com or send a mail to okorofrances@gmail.com for more info.
God bless you.
Love always,



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