PraiseLetter 23: This God is too good o!

Hello everyone!

Have you become more cautious of how you spend your time? Please, make your seconds and minutes count o; remember our word for last & this week- Purpose and Vision. If you haven’t read it, you can click them to do so.

Plus, if you’re coming to Ghana soon or know someone who’s coming soon; then please read ‘The JJC guide to living in Ghana’ (Part 1 & Part 2).
Let’s go into our PraiseLetter right now, it’s a short one.

“I will worship Him forever, love Him forever because this God is too good ooooo!”

I do not know if you’ve heard Nathaniel Bassey’s new song titled ‘This God is too good’, but it has been on replay on my phone.
Abba Father! Omnipotent and Omnipresent God.
To me, you’re Omni-everything.

The wondrous God who is also mysterious.

Yesterday, English just wasn’t enough to send what my heart wanted to say to you.

“Tani mi o Jesu” was what I kept saying because really, Lord, who am I? What are we oh God that you’ve changed our lives with love eternal?

“Look what you’ve done for me, see how you set me free!”

Baba, where I for dey o? Where we for dey?

If not that you saved us and delivered us from ourselves!

Today, I’m telling the world that You’ve been tooooooooooooo good to me.

You’ve been good to us o.

We know where we used to be and can’t compare it to what you’ve done with us.

Today, I’m telling You again that You’ve been tooooooooooooo good to my family & friends. For that, we’re coming together in agreement to worship You and tell of how good you’ve been!
How can people say you don’t exist? It’s like saying there’s no air in the world because it can’t be seen with physical eyes. If the world can believe in air that can’t be seen, how then can they dispute the fact that you exist?
We see your hand in our lives everyday. You walk with us and we’re your ambassadors. You’re our personal person and we appreciate that you’re a God we can call on at anytime or place.
We thank you because we can pray about even ‘silly’ things. I remember You asking me to quit worrying and pray about my flash drive; and You later showed my friend where she had placed it. Flash drive o! We’re so privileged to have you.

Today we shout,We will worship You, love you forever because this God is too good o.
This is the sacrifice of praise that we bring today, Lord, look down and see how Your children love you!
We love you because you’re always good!
God bless you, God. God bless you!


Isn’t God good to you?
Hasn’t He been gracious towards you?
Do you know that He knows your name?
Do you realize how much He loves you?
He’s calling you today to open up your heart for Him to fill it.
That’s the best decision you’d ever make; I guarantee you!
If you’ve not known Him personally please say to Him:
“Hello Lord, I’ve felt in the dark for too long. I know you exist, but I need to know you personally. Come into my heart Jesus. Take the wheel and lead me in the way that I should go. I surrender my life to you today. I lay all the hurt, pain, shame and lack at your feet today. I am a believer from this time fort. I am saved and have been adopted as your special child. Amen!”
If you said this short prayer, you’re now His! This is the beginning of new things for you. You begin to live as God’s ambassador on earth and enjoy a relationship with Him. Amen!
Have an awesome weekend everyone. Make it count!
If you’d like to share your PraiseLetter with us, please, do send to bolajiolorisade@gmail.com. Let’s know why you can’t be quiet about this God!

That’s it today.
Remember that though I super love you; God loves you way more!

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