PraiseLetter 22: Come boldly.

Good Friday Morning!

Charle wattaguan?(What’s going on?) Wass popping people! (What’s happening?)

The eagle has landed o! I’m now in the land where doctor is ‘docta’ and mother is ‘mather’. Lol.

Honestly though, I’ve missed this land a lot! Ok, not the land itself but the people!

I had the most amazing break, but it’s good to be back in school. Akwaaba to me o!

That means welcome in Twi, a Ghanaian language.

Anyways its my bestfriend I want to hail today. The one who asks me to come boldly, even at times when I feel filthy.


The lover of my soul.

The reason for every season!

The one who is love Himself!

He isn’t powerful, He is power!


The king of kings.

The Lion of the tribe of Judah who is also the lamb that was slained. For you, for me.

To the one who says “Come boldly”, I’d never be able to thank you enough!

You’re merciful and full of second chances. Ever present help in time of the need.

The allsufficient indescribable one.

Like Donnie McClurkin I say today that if there were no streets of Gold or walkways adorned with pearls; heaven will still be just alright as long as you’re there!

To meet you personally and see you face to face is the ultimate goal.

Nothing more. Nothing less.


To the one who says “Come boldly”, even at times I’m low and feel filthy; ogene doh!




Thank you!

I’ve not been good here and I’m sorry! Honestly, I’m trying to get my groove back from adjusting to school again.

But I’m totally absolutely definitely back now! Yes yes!

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I love you still.


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