PraiseLetter 21: Angels Walking.

Hey hey hey!
What’s popping people?

I believe the week has been great and awesome! Don’t worry, the weekend will be splendid as well!

Today’s letter is inspired by a Karen Kingsbury book I just finished reading; Angels Walking.
Beautiful beautiful book!
It’s a book on how God sends Angels to assist us on earth and help us to stand when we fall.

Here’s our PraiseLetter today.

Good morning sweet Lord!
I thank you.

Particularly, I thank you for the times when you’ve sent Angels to help me.
I may not have realized it, but I thank you still!

And what amazes me is that Angels particularly never look the way we expect. Not with wings or white long hair.
But it’s more than how they look; it’s how they do simple things to make our hearts smile and remind us that there’s a God watching over us.

Like few days ago, while I walked to that shoe-mender feeling sad that I couldn’t make it to a meeting I’d looked forward to.
A man I met there allowed me polish and mend mine first. And then offered to pay. It’s little I know, but it made my heart smile.
When I was about leaving, again He insisted he got me food before I left for work.
As I walked away with the food in hand, I silently expected him to ask for something, a number perhaps.
He simply said “bye dear! Have a nice day!”
He sure didn’t look like an Angel, but he was mine for that day.

My heart was glad. Not because he did anything spectacular, but you Abba have a way of sending little reminders through people(or are they angels?) that you’re always thinking about us.

And I thank you. For you’re so skilled at blessing us with little things.
Little blessings.
Little kindness.
Little gestures.
Which are actually never little, for they bring much joy to our hearts.

Thank you God!
For your angels walking and working to add sweetness to our hearts, just when we need it the most!
Thank you Lord!

Has anything ever happened to you that made you think, “was that an Angel or what!”
It’s actually not impossible.
Hebrews 13:2 says-
Do not forget to entertain strangers , for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

Also remember when Abraham called the guys walking past his house to take a moment to eat with him?
He only later realized they were Angels sent to actually give him a message about the son he had always longed for!

‘Angels walking’ is a sweet story and I enjoyed reading every word!
Because it reminded me of many times where God sent me ‘Nigerian’ Angels to bless my day and make me smile.
You can download it from mobile9.com under ebooks!
Thank me later!😁

I’m sure you’ve experienced this too, maybe not often, but you probably have!
Why not thank God then?

I sense that someone’s reading this and feeling like there’s no reason to thank God for anything.
I encourage you that the fact that you’re able to read this without any help is a testimony. And if you’re reading this, then you definitely woke this morning; and it sure wasn’t your alarm that woke you!
It was God!

There’s always always always a reason to be thankful.

Have the best weekend ahead!

Love, Mobolaji.

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