PraiseLetter 20: You’re my reward.

Good day everyone!

Pardon the tenses in this post. I was about to send this in when my phone fell and the screen spoilt. I just repaired it this evening, but please read it like I sent it in the morning! Agreed? Agreed!😚

I hope the weekend has been calling you the way it has been calling me? And hope the week has been splendid so far too?

More grace for you in Jesus name!

So let’s go straight to today’s PraiseLetter!

Dear God,

I know you see my heart and what it longs for, so as David was ever truthful, so I want to be with this letter.

There are a lot of things I aspire for, a whole lot I hope to achieve in this world.

There are people I hope to reach and places I hope to see.

There are adventures I hope to embark on and many mountains I hope to climb.

There are houses I hope to build, for myself, my parents and the many children that will become mine.

There are cars I hope to buy, might not be too fancy, but to reduce stress of jumping buses.

There are Islands I hope to visit and castles I aspire to enter.

Lord, there are many dreams, even more hopes and aspirations.

But right this minute though I hold dear your promises, all these look bleak.

I mean, how can I aspire for these when finishing school looks far fetched?

However, yesterday, I saw it. 

I saw that scheduled day where I’m wearing a big oversized gown with an old fashioned cap on my head, throwing it up with my mates who’re also graduating.

Many hopes and dreams. 

But what if they never come to pass?

What if like Job, even the little I have is striped away?

What if like some of the saints, my only price is in heaven with you?

What if I never get these fancy things; will I still fancy my salvation?

So many dreams and aspirations.

But Lord, above it all you’re my reward.

The greatest hope, aspiration and dream is to one day see you in your splendor and then to receive all promises made to me.

To kneel at your feet and say to your face “Lord, nothing you gave me in the world compares to this, for you’re my greatest reward.”

Lord, you’re my reward!


Hmmm. My people, my people.

Ever wondered what will happen if you never get the fancy things you’ve always dreamed of?

Will you like David, still pray that your greatest desire is to dwell in the house of the Lord and gaze at His glorious beauty?

To be very honest, I do believe I’d be blessed beyond measure on this earth. But without a doubt, I also know that God in Himself has been, is and will remain my greatest reward.


Thanks for reading!

Have a splendid weekend ahead(though I think mine will be a bit stressful because I’ve started getting things for school.) Anyways, enjoy yourself!

Love, Mobolaji.


  • Chukwuma

    Yes he is my reward and it has to start here then when we meet F2F i’ll collect more.

    It was a nice read as always. Have an awesome weekend.

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