PraiseLetter 19: I receive your love.

PraiseLetter 19: I receive your love.

Hey hey hey!

How are you doing? Great, I hope.

Looking forward to the weekend like me? 😁

I guess so.

Let’s read today’s letter here…

Hey lover!

My letter to you today is born out of my imperfections (just like all the others).

But let me start by saying- “I receive your love!”

Yes Lord. I wholly accept this unconditional love you’ve made available.

I was saying few days ago how I was feeling unworthy to be a Christian blogger. Not because I was particularly sinning, but I felt guilt that my soaring love and affection for you was somehow waning.

That same day, you reminded me of a fact that I’d always hold dear. 

The fact that you chose to love.

It wasn’t easy, but you chose to love.

When all odds were against me,

When sin was wrapped around my heart,

When jealousy was my main lifestyle,

When unforgiveness was my watchword,

When selfishness was my anthem,

When envy was my constant option,

You still looked past all the odds, and chose love.

When I didn’t know what value even was, when I didn’t realize I had any worth; you already saw the value and died to protect it!

You chose love.

And what I realized was that it’s already a done deal! I can’t go back and ask you to choose something else. It’s too late.

You’ve chosen love.

And all the devil was fighting me for was to not receive this love.

And now I’m fighting back.

I choose to love you. And I choose to receive your love.

I choose to accept your affection.

To grab your doting eyes and selfish guard.

I choose to accept you.

I say ‘choose’ because sometimes you see how my feelings or will fight to focus on something else; but today onwards, I choose to receive this amazing love that you’ve given to me.

I receive your love!


😊 That’s our letter for today beautiful people!

I had been feeling somewhat guilty that I wasn’t loving God enough, until He showed me that the answer to loving Him was simply to accept His love first!

I encourage you today, above every thought or thing, align your will and choose to accept and receive God’s love. Because that’s the secret to loving Him right back!


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Do have a blessed, fulfilling and awesome weekend ahead.


Take with you these words for the weekend:

He chose to love.

And today I choose to love.

I choose to love Christ.

I choose to love people.


Have a good one!

Love, Mobolaji.


  • Chukwuma

    It was a nice written letter – praise letter. Signed, sealed and delivered to the Ancient of Days. His love is beyond degree and so personal. He loves us despite our weakness. He gives us our daily provision – His goodness, and yes they are new every morning. He dosent give us yesterday’s blessings. He is a good God. I love you Lord.

    This was a nice read Mobolaji.

    Happy new week in advance.

    • Mobolaji.

      His mercies are new every morning o! I love how you said He doesn’t give us yesterday’s blessings. How great is our God!
      Thanks Chukwuma. I appreciate how you always leave your thoughts! God bless you.

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