PraiseLetter 18: Who is man that you’re mindful of him?

Good morning!

Aren’t you just excited about the weekend?
Well, I sure am.

This week has been peaceful and quite fulfilling. However, I still look forward to the weekend rest!

We’re not having a long intro today. Let’s delve straight into today’s letter.

My dear God.
Aren’t you just awesome?

Sometimes I ask, who is man that you are mindful of Him?
I was just telling a friend yesterday that it’s beautiful that you’re not just a baba God sitting far up there and giving orders like kings in Nollywood movies.
We’re grateful that you’re relational.

You can speak to us and we can speak to you. For that, we’re eternally grateful.
For this means we’re not alone.
You’re with us all the way, watching our every step like a doting mother.

So many times that I’ve felt unworthy of you, but you still take time out to remind me of your love.

Again I ask, who is man that you’re mindful of Him?

We know we don’t deserve you if we’re judging by Human standards, but you’ve raised the standard.
You sent your son so that no human standard can ever stand above yours.

You’ve made Jesus the way, that we may come boldly towards you.

My God, Who is man that you are mindful of him?

There are a thousand PraiseLetters in our hearts and we know that you see them. But our ink on paper can never do justice to what our hearts are saying.

Thank God you see hearts too!

We could say so much more God.
We could say so much more.
But today we’d end with this- God bless you God! God bless you!

For who is man that you’re mindful of him?

So, over to you!
What’s your heart saying?
Is your heart bursting with Praise and you’d like to share?
You can always use the comment box or send a mail to bolajiolorisade@gmail.com and be assured that your letter will be shared here.

Thanks for stopping by!

I love you.
But God loves you more.



  • Chukwuma

    I really can’t appreciate God more for His goodness towards me. I should be rotting in jail like now for one silly mistake i made that could have claimed people’s houses and properties but his grace shielded the whole event that i can stand and say thank you Lord. Who is mortal man that you are mindful of him/me. So sick this week but he has led me till now. Many people have died of little mosquito bite but am still kicking as a type, full of life, hale and hearty.
    Thank you Lord. Many things indeed require us to spend a whole day to thank him but in all like you said, he sees our hearts.

    Few hours to end the week so happy weekend and new week in advance.

    • Mobolaji.

      Hmm dear Chukwuma, I bless God with you that he saved you from trouble. Indeed, He watches out for us in all ways. All praise to Him!
      Who are we, that He is mindful of us? His love is indescribable…
      Have a lovely new week ahead. God bless you!

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