PraiseLetter 17: Frances Okoro.

Hello everyone!
I hope you’ve had a pleasant week so far?
Mine has been good, to the glory of God.

Anyway, my friend Frances shares her second Letter to God with us today. Here’s her first- Praise Letter3: Frances Okoro.

Mma Dirigi…

I have been meaning to write a praise letter for weeks. I just couldn’t sit still enough to craft the words but I knew that the time was ripe to just praise God!

I want to praise Him for all He is doing through me – praise Him for the blog ministry, praise Him for raising up a messed up girl for Him…. but all that has changed.

I still want to praise Him but not for anything He has done for me, just for being HIM.

I woke up today, friday July 17th with no idea of what to do in my quiet time.

I was surfing the net, which I don’t do/shouldn’t be doing when I wake up, it should be God first yes?
But I was also trying to get into Proverbs31 devotional site to see what was up for that day.

I finally switched off my network and just started worshiping God and praying.
I prayed all the prayers I thought I could pray and then as I thanked God for loving me, I just started laughing, twirling up on my bed and just laughing with excitement at it all.

And suddenly I knew, DANCE! Praise God!

And what was ringing in my head?
Mma Mma dirigi!

I always dance to the song on my phone and I don’t know what the igbo words mean but the English words always blow me away.
And right there in my small corper’s room, I gave God the best dance steps that I could give. Lol.

Talk about not knowing what to do during my fellowship time with God to full blown dancing and laughing out loud.
I know, with the way I behave in this compound, my neighbours must think I am crazy.
But who wouldn’t be crazy when they think about God?

I wasn’t dancing because of what He has done for me – which is a lot…
I was dancing because HE IS.
I don’t know… who just loves people crazyyyy like He does?
Who calls the ones He created gods?

See oh, He creates people, gives them everything they need and when they faltered, He himself came to make right what they had done. By giving Himself unto a painful death no less…

Who just loves people who are supposed to be beneath Him without reserve?
And then He saves them, and elevates them to being kings and priests in the sight of Himself… gives them right standing with Himself.
And then fills those same people with the very Spirit that lives in Him.


I don’t understand it all but it blows my mind.
So when I got up to give some igbo dance steps to God this morning in my room, I just knew that He deserves it.
He is awesome, glorious, just AWESOME really!

And the way He fills me with His joy is something to praise Him for too.
Some people will think I’m crazy… why is this corper girl just laughing anyhow at past 6am in the morning?
They don’t understand…
The Spirit my Father has given to me gives joy.
Ask me why I am laughing, I don’t know too.
But He fills me with joy. Sadness doesn’t dwell in His presence so I am not surprised that I am laughing crazily while praising Him.

I wish everyone can experience God like believers do.
Oh, I wish those in the world could just come and taste and see that the Lord is GOOD!
He is good!
He is good!

There is no one like Him in all the earth.
He is the God of all the earth but more caring than the most caring human being.
He doesn’t deal in rules, He deals with relationship.

I sometimes think of what to do during my quiet time too – going to look for devotionals when I don’t feel like poring through the pages of my Bible and that’s all good… but the truth is God simply wants us to ENJOY HIM.
He’s looking at us and just saying, come on, just enjoy me. Don’t place a rule on it, let’s just talk and fellowship.

Oh, everyone has got to experience Him.

You don’t know Him yet? I beg you to open up your heart to Him and let Him come in and dwell in you.
What does it take?
Just believe and confess Him as your Lord.
And you don’t have to be all religious about it, if you will let Him guide you after you give your life to Him, He will help you increase in His Spirit.
And when you are done – when you get just one taste of this living water, and see that it’s just not like normal water, we can probably meet up one day and dance Mma Mma dirigi together.
God is GOOD!

Update: I asked for the meaning of ‘Mma mma dirigi’ from friends and it means “Glory and thanksgiving be to God.”
Seems like my spirit knew the meaning even though my head didn’t understand it. That was why the dance steps just came on. Lol!

That’s it guys!
Lol. That happened to me with the ‘Ebezina’ song by Preye. I totally didn’t understand it but anytime I sang it, my spirit was always lifted. My spirit understood it, though my mind didn’t.

Hope you loved this letter as much as I did? It’s such a pleasure to share these letters to God every Friday.
It puts everything in better perspective.
You know, everything might not be rosy around us, but we can decide against all odds to stay thankful!

Praise lifts us up from depression and gives us the oil of gladness for the spirit of heaviness. Praise gives us beauty for ashes! And ultimately it pleases our Abba when He sees us being thankful for who is He is.
You know He just is!

Lol. Let me stop there before I add another PraiseLetter as conclusion.

Thanks Frances for sharing this with us. This dear dear friend of mine is writing a book on chastity for men which will be released on Monday! Whoop whoop!
Guess what though?
There’s a chapter for women and she already released it. I’ve already started it and I read half the chapter once I downloaded it. I will definitely read the rest soonest. You can download your copy here: For my treasured sisters.
Thank me later.;)

God bless you babe!

I’m hoping you’ve subscribed to the blog already. If not, I encourage you do so you can get all new posts right in your mail!

Have a lovely weekend ahead.
Love, Mobolaji.


  • Iris Quaynor

    The Lord is good and his mercy endureth forever!!! Let the people of God say Amen! I agree with Kierra Sheard! God and His Love for us is just indescribable!!!!!

  • The joy of the Lord is our strength. Laughing in the Holy Ghost sends signals to the enemy that he has lost the battle. Where the Spirit of God is there is liberty and there’s a shout of the King in our midst so we should always be joyful. Love you Mobolaji and Frances.

  • Hey babes!So again, can’t comment, writing from my email and it will carry plenty unnecessary writings under, bear with me.Thank you soooo much for the opportunity to praise God here today…letters here always make me smile!Thank you! Frances Okorowww.imperfectlyperfectlives.com From: On faith. On worth. On lessons.Sent: Friday, July 24, 2015 10:31To: okorofrances@gmail.comReply To: On faith. On worth. On lessons.Subject: [New post] PraiseLetter 17: Frances Okoro.

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    Mobolaji. posted: “Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a pleasant week so far? Mine has been good, to the glory of God.😁

    Anyway, my friend Frances shares her second Letter to God with us today. Here’s her first- Praise Letter3: Frances Okoro. Enjoy.

    Mma Dirigi… “

  • Nice one Frances. I was surprised when you say you don’t understand the ‘mma mma dirigi’ till i crossed my mind to get the fact that my Delta people don’t speak Igbo. It feels great to sing and dance to the Lord because he is good.

    • Lol! I figured that too o Chukwuma. Cuz I thought she was automatically Igbo cuz of ‘Okoro’. God is sweet jare. That’s why we are allowed to do ‘crazy’ things in praise of Him.
      The World doesn’t get it, but He does.

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