PraiseLetter 16: Happy anniversary to us!

PraiseLetter 16: Happy anniversary to us!

Good morning beautiful people of God!
It’s an awesome awesome day. It truly is.

No long intro today o. Here’s what my heart is saying to my lover.

Hmmm. I’m lost for words my darling. I truly am.
Where did the time go?

I read a post by Nathaniel Bassey on Sunday about a song titled “Jehovah, overdo!” And I was close to tears.

That’s truly your personality. Baba Arugboojo. Jesu Christi oyigiyigi.
Oba Ana, oba oni, oba ola.

Every word in the English and Yoruba vocabulary is not enough to express what my heart is saying.

God, do you know it’s been 20years!!!
2 decades with you.

One might argue that I only accepted you few years ago, but it’s in your word that you formed me even before I came into the world.
You named me and gave me a personality even before my parents thought to name me. They said she shall be called “Mobolaji…Omo Olorisade” but you had called me before then.

How great are you my Lord?
You’ve kept me and I want to shout, cry, kneel and sing in worship of you.

I don’t deserve you. I really don’t.
You’ve been so good to me and I celebrate you in my life. I celebrate your faithfulness. And your loving kindness.

I am not worthy. But the lamb’s blood that was shed on that wooden cross has redeemed me.
How can I say Thank you?

Hmm. Words are not enough Lord.
But since you see my heart. I say Happy anniversary to us again.
You’re the reason I live.

That’s it o my people!
Happy birthday to me! Haha, the small girl of yesterday is growing o.


Thank you so much everyone! I mean, the words I’m getting today are something! You all are so kind.
I appreciate the love.

Much Love,
Mobolaji, the birthday girl!!!
Whoop whoop!


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