PraiseLetter 15: He leads me unto repentance.

Good morning beautiful ones!
Network didn’t permit me to post on Wednesday because I had wedding pictures I’d have had to upload with the article I had in mind.

I hope your week has been great though? May God make this weekend even greater for you. Amen.

This is a short one, but it’s a PraiseLetter straight from the heart all the same.

My Lover.
The one seated in Heaven but still cares for His own on Earth.

How do I even begin? What words can carry the weight of how I feel?
Words haven’t been created that I can use to thank you. Even the words ‘Thank You’ fall short to the things my heart wants to say to you.

Today, I’m here to show the world how I appreciate you. Not for anything more than how you correct me!

To the world it makes no sense that one should be thankful for correction, but to us, the ones who are privileged to even know a glimpse of you, we are grateful for your chastising.

Thank you Jehovah for your corrections, how you work on my heart and mind daily in order to gradually remove all that’s not of you. How do you do it!?

I can’t even deal with myself sometimes, but you, You’re different.
You don’t get tired of teaching me.
You don’t get tired of loving me.

I kept saying I feel so bad as I read Chapter 13 of ‘Battlefield of the mind’ because I knew You were teaching me that I had no right to judge others. I’m as imperfect as any other person.

But I was humbled. Humbled to know that out of the billions on the earth, you love me enough to lead me to repentance.

Your correction is on another lane. And it’s because You lead us unto repentance and not condemnation.

You don’t say ‘Bolaji, you’ve been wrong, how can you do such a thing? How can you say such a thing? How could you even think such a thing? You’re such an horrible person. You can never grow with this attitude.”

Your reassuring, strong and loving ways of correcting is one of the numerous reasons why like David, I want to dwell in your house all the days of my life and marvel at your teachings and glory forever.

You’re not the accuser, YOU’RE THE SAVIOR.

Thank you Jesus for correction. You’re only making us into better people.

We’re ever grateful.
We even join the host of Angels in Praise of You this morning.
You’re Holy and none can be compared to you.

Thank you!

That’s it, loved ones!
I had to thank God for correction today o.
He really taught me somethings on my behavior towards a friend yesterday. I felt bad and should ordinarily run from His presence, but mahn I’m running to Him o!
Who will teach me like He does if I run? Absolutely no one.

This weekend I challenge you to ask yourself often “Is it my business?” If you feel as though it isn’t, then biko, don’t share your opinion.
We don’t always have to be heard.
That’s what God is teaching me right now.

My opinion is valid, just as anyone’s own too is, so I must not judge using my standards. I must leave God, the perfect Judge who works us into righteousness and His perfection to judge people Himself.
I’m not God.

Have a lovely weekend.

May God correct you! Amen!

Love, Mobolaji.

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