PraiseLetter 13: Oyindamola Ajayi-Bembe.

PraiseLetter 13: Oyindamola Ajayi-Bembe.

Good morning!

Thank God it’s Friday. I can already see the weekend, and it does look beautiful!

I ought to have sent this PraiseLetter last week, but last Friday was so busy that I couldn’t find time to sit and post.

Oyinda is my friend from school. She’s such a sanguine! Very agile, but most of all, a fantastic writer.

Anyways. Here’s the letter she sent to God. Short, but sends her message to her Abba still.


When I think about your love for me; how you saved me from destruction, how you raised me from nothing, how you filled me with your spirit, how you healed my infirmities, how you turned my life around, and gave me a life of joy and fulfillment.

When I think about the good things you’ve done for me, the love you gave to me, your faithfulness towards me, your provision, protection, help, healing, favour, and mostly, your mercy.

I can only say ‘Thank You!’

And then, I think about my faithlessness, my doubts, my unbelief, my negligence, disobedience, my self-will, and my failure to let you be God.

When I think about the times I have failed you, the times I refused to trust you, times I went my own way, and I believed that my strength could do it.

When I trusted in my wisdom and skills, when I turned from you, neglected you, abandoned you, times I was disobedient and refused to listen to your voice.

When I think of the life I have lived, my past, where you picked me from, I can’t help but wonder WHY?

Why did you choose me? Of all ‘perfect’, ‘religious’, and ‘righteous’ people on earth, why me?
Why did you choose to love me, to call me, favour and keep me? Why?

I know I don’t deserve it, yet you loved me. I am not better than those in the grave, yet you kept me.

I and my family are a living proof of your faithfulness.

You’ve been the father I never had, my help in a strange land, and my teacher in everything.

I want to thank you for the gift you’ve given me, and how I am able to touch lives with it.

It’s true you don’t do everything I want, but it is also true that you do everything I need!

I am grateful for your love for me. Words can’t express how thankful I am, especially for your patience with me!

I know I have taken you for granted many times before, and I know I may still fall many times over. But here is one thing I can promise; I will live my life as the person you want me to be, and live for you every chance I get.

Thank you lord for choosing me!

Thanks sweetheart for sharing your letter with us. God bless you!

As I read her Letter, I remembered worship service on Wednesday. Pastor Sam said that many people see him now and say He’s so smart! But that it’s because they don’t really know where he’s coming from. Only he and his God know their story. He said that all he can say now is ‘Who am I?’

Indeed, who are we? Mere dust, that God should love us so much!
It blows my mind.
He blows my mind!

And for that, we all say ‘Thank You Lord’; for it is a privilege to know you as God. It is a privilege to be called your own!

Thank You.

Thanks for reading guys! Have a pleasant day/weekend ahead.

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Plenty love,


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