PraiseLetter 11: You are too good to me.

PraiseLetter 11: You are too good to me.

Good morning everyone!
I believe your week was awesome and you’re doing great? I am good myself. God has been faithful!

Again, please assist me in praying for my home Country. That as a new government resumes today, it will mark the beginning of a new era in Nigeria in Jesus name!

Let’s delve into today’s Praise Letter, shall we?

As I sit and wait for our bus to be ready for the journey back home, I can only meditate on how good God has been to me.

God, you have been good to me!
This past academic year was not the easiest, it was as if they were only joking with us in level 100, but you showed yourself faithful just as you always do.


Because of you God, I have joy unspeakable. Pastor asked us to thank you for two things on Wednesday: for making the plans of the enemy come to nothing and for being the source of our happiness.

Thank you for shaming the devil on my behalf!
He wanted me to cry, but you gave me laughter.
He wanted madness, but you gave me sanity.
He wanted failure, but you gave me excellence.
He wanted dismay, but you gave me hope.
He wanted sadness, but you gave me joy unspeakable.
He wanted debt, but you gave me abundance.
He wanted sickness, but you gave me health.
He wanted enemies, but you gave me friends.
He wanted downfall, but you gave me upliftment.
He wanted death, but you gave me life.

You are too good to me.

Thank you for you’re the source of my happiness. Even when the world is turning upside down, you give joy that is unexplainable.


You are too good to me.

Thank you for your loving kindness and your everlasting grace. You are so big that our human mind cannot know the depth of you; but still so small that you live in us.

You are good to me.

I celebrate you in my life. I am grateful that as I leave for home, I have you and am blessed only because you chose me. You chose us and for that we’re eternally grateful.

Again, we say we don’t deserve you.

You are too good to me.
You are too good to us.


Ok everyone! That’s it for today.
I’m pretty excited about going home because I know I’d get to see old friends and hookup with some of you as well!

Thanks for reading. You guys are awesome and I celebrate God’s goodness in your lives. God bless you.

Have an amazing weekend.
Stay awesome!

I love you.


    • That’s it o Chukwuma. Praise is God’s food and it moves Him to do awesome things in our lives.
      Also, Nigeria will move forward by God’s grace.
      Thanks again for reading and leaving your opinion. God bless.

  • Welcome back home oh Bolaji, come and chop Pounded yam(thats what they eat mostly here in Ekiti)lol.

    God is awesome!
    See as you small there in the first pishure…
    Even in those times when we didn’t know our future, He did and still does!

    Awesome Father, always!

  • You know the song that comes to mind?

    God is good, all the time, He puts a song of praise in this heart of MIne, God is good, all the time, through the darkest nights, his light will shine. God is good, He’s soo good, ALL THE TIME. Infact, He’s just too good. Even when I don’t feel on my best day, He’s still good.

    Did you see the post I wrote on this a while back? You can check it out.


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