PraiseLetter 12: For when I am faithless…

Good Morning everyone!
You’ve been good right?
God has been so good to you! Why not take a moment to silently say ‘Thank you Lord, you’re my everything!

Everything might not be as you want in various aspects of your life. That’s why I think you ought to read this post by my friend, Glow!
I’m sure you’d feel much better after reading it, just incase you’re down about not being at a certain stage in life. I love you and want you to know that life is beautiful when you take it a step at a time. Don’t try to be like anyone. You’re on your own race. You were created for a reason. Find that reason and pursue it.

Let God lead you. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you’re useless.
You’re important!
You’re needed!
You’re beautiful!
God loves you!

My PraiseLetter today wouldn’t be long. I’m just taking time out to let God see my heart.

God. God. God.
You’re awesome!
I don’t know why I sometimes feel like I know myself more than you know me. You’ve always shown that You truly formed me. I didn’t form myself.

God, you’re wonderful.
I remember as my songs shuffled, it got to a song that always takes me to you. ‘More’ by Lawrence Flowers. I was alone but raised my hand to reference you. I should be giving you ‘MORE’!

God, even when I’m faithless. You remain faithful!
I got home and allowed the Lagos noise suppress your voice. I didn’t even carry you along with anything. I went job hunting basically because I wanted much money, and I didn’t ask your permission first. I’m sorry.

God, thank you for people like Frances. Who have a way of saying things that bring me back to you.

God, thank you for people like Joshua.
Who made a call and got me a job. I now see how you never left.
Though I didn’t carry you along, You still took time to get me MY job. One you know I’d enjoy; whether or not it pays much.

God, thank you for bloggers! Sigh. I’m so grateful for people who write about You all over the World. I don’t think they even know how much help they render to me.
Sometimes words are just the hug one needs. And I’ve gotten many reassuring hugs from people who have started a blog, just to write about you.
Incase you’re a Christian blogger reading this, I say a big ‘Thank You’! God sees you.
You’re important!

God, thank you for Family.
Thank you for friends.
Thank you for guidance.

I saw a book titled ‘God of a second chance’ yesterday. I want to read it, because that’s who you really are – My God of second(third, fourth,fifth…) Chances.

I thank you for everything.

Today, I say ‘Thanks Lord’, for when I’m faithless, YOU REMAIN FAITHFUL!


Ok, everyone! That’s it for today.
Always know that Bolaji loves you; but God truly loves you more.
If you’d ever want to ‘talk’, just as I do too many times; you can reach me via mail bolajiolorisade@gmail.com, or through Twitter and Facebook!

You’d like to share a PraiseLetter too? Why not!?
Let’s know why you’re excited about God too, don’t keep it to yourself. Just mail me anytime!:) The blog is ours.

Really thinking of adding a new section to the blog on Wednesdays. I see how people check, and I’m starting to think Monday is a long time from Friday. The posts will mostly fall under our ‘Memoirs’ category, where I share lessons I have learned personally. I’m spiritual; but I’m also political, relational, and educational. Not to worry, it wouldn’t be anything outside God still. He’s involved in everything!😁

Have an awesome day/weekend ahead.
Again I reaffirm that God loves you!
B. ❤


  • damola

    He is always faithful, even in our doubts…

    do you know that sometimes even when I pray in church, I doubt if He’s listening… BT through it all, He remains faithful… thank you Lord for Loving Me…

    thanks Bolaji, this is really refreshing… keep it up dear!

    • Thank God He’s a faithful God. Even when we doubt if He hears/sees us or not, He knows our hearts and is always willing to push us through.
      Thanks boo. Muah!

  • Sweet Bolaji!!! May God give you the grace and strength to continue in your God work and God walk. Sometimes, you even humble me with the way you just go out there and pour yourself on God in your posts. It’s beautiful. Someone just needs to read your post and be like, “See your mate exalting God above all else, better don’t carry LASTMA and be complaining like Elijah in that Familiarity post you wrote..hehe

    Indeed He’s faithful even when we’re faithless. You know where the Bible says that right?

    if we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself. 2 Timothy 2v3. Sometimes when I just did something that makes me feel guilty and I just want to crawl up somewhere and be by myself, that word comes and I’m like, God, how do you cope with us. With me. I keep erring and you’re ever so forgiving and ready to receive us back after our time of faithlessness.

    Thanks Bolaji. Big Kisses and hugs. Love you dear. Keep being you. A shining star God is turning you into.

    And oh please bring it on with the Wednesday section. I’d love to see other aspects of your life as well.

    • Lol! No carrying last o. But thanks Itunu; glory to God really. He makes us want to be so much more for Him! Amen to the sweet prayers too! Thank you!
      Love you!!! I appreciate you.

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