PraiseLetter 10: You have beautified me.

PraiseLetter 10: You have beautified me.

Hello everyone!

How has the week been? I hope it has been filled with laughter and joy.

My exams have been good! I have another one this evening and it will be awesome by God’s grace.

No need for long introduction. Let’s delve straight into today’s PraiseLetter!

You have beautified me.
Sweet Jesus. You have done something in me.
Your hand has beatified me.

Lipstick colours my lips; but God colours my words!
Lipstick colours my lips; but God colours my words!

You have not molded my face, but my heart.
Yes, makeup may enhance my beauty; but not the way you do.
You are good to me.
Even the times you have chastised me have only shown that I am precious to you.
In your eyes I am a gem, to be treated with respect and dignity.
You have drawn me to yourself and oh, how you guard me jealously!
You make me feel special.
Even when I wander from you for a reason or two; you draw me back.
Like the father of the Prodigal son, you run to me.
Like a gentle lover, you sooth my heart when I can take no more.
When the world throws lemons at me, you do not only turn them to lemonades; but to a different juice altogether.
You are the only one that can make fruit juice from lemons.
How you answer prayers in your time is beautiful.
You know what we need even more than we do.
You are awesome. Just awesome in all your ways.
You change people. You recreate hearts.
I see how you remold me. How you teach me new things daily and enlarge my knowledge of you.
I see how you reassure me and tell me sweet things that encourage me for this journey.

You say things like:
Bolaji, you are special. You are mine and I have called you to me.
Bolaji, you do not have to frown so much, your heart means well, so let your face show it.
Bolaji, read more, you can be as intelligent as you want!
Bolaji, you are beautiful for I have made you.
With my hands, I have reformed you.

Makeup can only refine my face; God refines my heart!
Makeup can only refine my face; God refines my heart!

I love you Lord! More than words can say.
But even this does not compare to how you love and care for me.
A million words in a million languages will not do. A million ‘thanks’ in a million years will not do.
I love you Lord! More than words can say.
But it is how you love me that pushes me to want to be better for you!
Your love has beautified me.
And I will thank you eternally for it.
You have beautified me.

I wrote on Twitter last week that God will beautify us if we let Him; and I later realized that I had to write something related to that.

God does beautify us! In our walk with God, He makes us better people. He teaches us how to speak; how to treat people; how to love people and how to love ourselves. Beauty in the long-run is connected to our character. In the end, we do not get close to people or marry someone just because they ‘look’ beautiful/handsome. It is beauty from within that draws us to people, and draws people to us.

Who then does this beauty work? God does!

If we let Him, He will beautify us. He will!

This is the conclusion; go up and come down, enroll in all the beauty schools round the world; God remains the best makeup artist.

Have a great weekend ahead.

I love you plenty!



  • Awesome! Just awesome!! Indeed Dear Father, you have beautified me. Sometimes I just close my eyes and reminisce on how Good and loving He has been. How he keeps turning me from the girl I was to the woman I’m growing to be. No other can do me the way He does.

    P.S: you’re so pretty. Love your smile 🙂 I believe you now. The love of God indeed makes one beautiful within and without. Keep glowing Bolaji.

    How was your papers? Hope you showed them the daughter of whom you are and that your father is King of the Universe. Wink*

  • Smiled all through this letter…

    When I wasn’t so deep in God but was still journalling, I was in a meeting as an exco in the uni when one lady, the zonal vp walked in. She wasn’t beautiful in the world’s standard but she carried a presence about her.
    I can’t start looking for my journal from that year yet but I remember that I wrote something along the lines of “a woman in God carries a light that radiates around her, people are just drawn to her. That light makes her beautiful inside and out”

    I really wanted to be like that zonal vp then and today, little by little God has been beautifying me too.
    Like you said, He is the best make up artist but His own make up doesn’t end on the face, it goes deep down, into our souls, make up that lasts for eternity.
    Our God, our love!
    Glorious God!

    • I tell you Frances! Gradually, God beautifies us with His awesome hands! His makeup lasts till eternity as you stated.
      As you also said, women of God might not be the most beautiful to the World’s standard; but the character is what draws people to us!
      Thank you.

  • […]   Christian writers(or even if you aren’t a Christian writer, you can learn from this too), can be molded in character through using their gifts for God. All of a sudden, you can’t type some sort of harsh replies to comments on your blog. You stop, think, put yourself in their shoes before you reply people. You use wisdom when you type out responses. You let your words to always be wrapped with kindness and have a word in season for everyone. You become selfless and not selfish. These can only happen if you let God build you as you use your gift of writing for Him. Isn’t it awesome that God is this awesome? He will build your life even as you serve Him with your gift. He doesn’t just require that you serve Him for nothing, He washes you through your flaws and molds you even in that service. In Mobolaji’s words, “He beautifies you”. […]

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