Praise Letter5.

Praise Letter5.

Hello, my awesome efamily!

I missed you guys! Monday feels like a long time ago.
Anyways, let’s get straight to the business of the day. Today’s PraiseLetter is by me. I used Yoruba(my native language) to illustrate some qualities of God. I hope you enjoy this post, because I also did!

Baba mi Agbalagba(My father, the old one). You know very well that sometimes when I want to praise you, my words are not enough. It pains me that I cannot pray fluently in Yoruba(my local dialect), because sometimes I just want to hail you in my language.English at that point does not satisfy my spirit. I’m even trying to learn some of your names in Yoruba so that I could at least use them in praises.

Please, accept the thanksgiving I bring today.


‘Olorun ti o yi pada’ that is your name. The God who never changes. I change and falter, but you remain the same. Your character, heart and love do not change.

Baba, ‘meta lokan’ is who you are. You are three in one. No other god has the personality of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You are just there on your own lane and no other god can be like you.

‘Olorun owu’ is your personality. The jealous God! Yes, I am honored to be owned by the one who does not joke with me. You cannot treat me anyhow because my God will not allow. I also cannot live anyhow because He is jealous and wants all of me! Nothing can be placed before you. My God, you come first.

‘Alewilese, Alaselewi ni o olorun mi’ You can speak and act, You can act and speak my God! You are not a man that you should lie. If you say something, you stay true to your words. You are not like me who changes my mind numerous times in a day, you are constant! My God, you are constant!

‘Olulana’ is your name because you are the wonderful way maker. You are the God who can part the sea for your people to pass. I cannot even tell my own way in this life, but every day you open and shut doors for me in order to make my path smooth. There is absolutely none like you o!

‘Olutoju mi’- You are my keeper! I cannot even comprehend the times you have saved me! The incidents I see and the ones I don’t. I know that the devil tries to fight me and all the people who know you, but you keep us! We’re precious in your sight. Father, you’re good!

‘Afunni ma s’iregun’- The God who blesses without asking for a favour! I might do something good and remind you to bless me because of it, but you are not me. You bless lavishly without reminding me of it. How could I even give back to you, when I got it all from you in the first place. You bless mightyly.

‘Adanimagbagbe’ ni o olorun. The creator who never forgets the created. Other gods may forget because they didn’t create in the first place, but you are God. The creator Himself. High and mighty are you Lord, and still you remember me. You did not make me and just dump in this world to figure it all out myself. You gave me your spirit to guide and guard me. You’re awesome!

You’re everything to me my King and my heart overflows with praise. I cannot mention all your names but I can add some more.

You’re ‘Akoda Aye’ because you are the first among all things.
You’re ‘Alaanu’ for you are a merciful God.
‘Olutunu’ is who you are for you are my comforter.
‘Onise Iyanu’ is your name because you’re a miracle worker!

Above all you’re ‘Abanilagbatan’ for you are the one who accepts me completely.
Thank you God!

Here’s a short video of a woman praising God in Yoruba. We call it ‘Oriki’

Till our next PraiseLetter.
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Plenty love, Bolaji.


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