Praise Letter4: Joshua Alade.

Praise Letter4: Joshua Alade.

Good morning awesome people!

Yes! It is another Friday and we get to read “Praise Letter4” by my very dear friend Joshua Alade.
I always joke about him becoming Nigeria’s President in the nearest future. He is VERY passionate about development and is the leader of the initiative called ‘NextGen Africa Initiative’.  They’ve organized numerous programs to better the lives of the less privileged in the society. He’s also passionate about Education and I’m sure if it were left to him, every single child will get to go to school. He’s using his NYSC(National Youth Service Corps) year to better the lives of the kids of Kogi, the state he was posted.
God bless you for what you do!

I’d like to use this opportunity to encourage us all to volunteer at different levels of things that we’re passionate about. I actually met him at a ‘Clean-up’ exercise and He’s been an amazing Christian friend.

Let’s now see why He’s grateful today.

I Thank God
I thank God for His son Jesus Christ Whom He gave to save me from my sins. Knowing Jesus has been the major plus in my life and the assurance of salvation coupled with the blessed hope of heaven excites me. Sometimes I imagine how different my life will have been if I did not know the Lord. My life will have been an endless trail of chasing meaninglessness. Which reminds me of the saying that happiness comes from happenings, while joy comes from knowing Jesus Christ.

I imagine all the spiritual resources I need that is embedded in Jesus. The wholesome opportunity to serve God with the totality of my heart even when I am not faithful, He loves me still.

I thank God for the opportunity of having an education, I know that most people are not lucky enough to attend a formal learning institution. Sometimes I lament about the fact that I did not attend a ‘tush’ school, but my journey through life has made me recognize how blessed I am.

For the ability to read a book, understand numbers and think logically, I thank God.

I thank God for my friends. My friends have been the wings with which I have rode. I am a person that is proud of the friends I have. My friends are my encouragers, my spiritual police, relationship with God monitors and dream propellers. Fine, I don’t have plenty friends, but the few I have are gold to me. I feel like God gave me friends that remind me of Jesus and His love. My friends are awesome!

I thank God for my family. Those guys do a wholesome job. Sometimes I would leave home for days and not say where I was going; and whenever I returned they lovingly accepted me.

My mom, “Iya Ayi” is a beautiful creature, I was told that I stayed in her womb for eleven (11) months. When I finally came out, it was discovered seven days later that my eyelids were glued to my face.
A surgery was done to release my eyelids from the prison of my face, and this sweet mother of mine loved me through it all. She came to the hospital, every day for 365 days, mornings and evenings to care for me as I was in intensive care unit.
My family have watched me grow and have been the biggest pillar in my life up till date.

I thank God for the Holy Spirit. When I accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour, I had this thing for stealing (maybe I was kleptomaniac) but He saved me. I remember the first time I watched porn and I tried masturbation; His still small voice was there to bring me back to the right path.
There were times when I didn’t give my tithe, feel like praying or reading the Bible. However, the Holy Spirit has been there for me, gently guiding me and making me understand that I am not perfect but He loves me.

I thank God for His love and patient endurance. His grace has kept me strong. 

Awesome! Only God has power enough to save us from sin and it’s nature. He preserved my friend as a baby, saved him from taking things that didn’t belong to him and masturbation. Masturbation is always a deep endless hole that takes only God’s grace to come out of, so I thank God for you.
I praise God that He found you and you let Him into your heart to guide and love you!

Thank you so much for sharing your “Praise Letter” with us. God bless you!

You can reach Joshua Alade by mail on joshalade@gmail.com
Twitter: @iamjoshuaalade

You guys that are passionate about development can reach out and become friends. You never can tell, life changing collaborations can be born through relationships.

I really hope that our “Praise Letters” for ITG(I thank God) Fridays have been helping you guys! It has personally somewhat allowed me to see different ways in which God saves all of us. We all have our own devils that we fight, but He helps us through it all.
His yolk is easy and His burden is light!

If you’d like to share your “Praise Letter” with us, please send me a mail on bolajiolorisade@gmail.com. You never know how yours might encourage someone to stay grateful!

Till our next ITG Friday,
Stay blessed and thankful!
Much Love, Bolaji.

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