Praise Letter3: Frances Okoro.

Praise Letter3: Frances Okoro.

Good day awesome people!
Can you tell that I’m excited about today’s ITG Friday?
We have a lady after God’s own heart sharing her ‘Praise Letter’ with us!
I got to know Frances Okoro through her blog and the first day I came across it, I read as many posts as I could! She’s such an open person who talks about God with passion and love!

I have to caution myself not to write an epistle about her. Let’s now read her ‘Praise Letter’.

I was speaking to someone about having something to be grateful for in every situation when I just thought that “I could do a Bible study on being thankful on my blog”

But on second thought, there’s no need to do a study on it, let me just write in to Mobolaji’s blog and share how God has been dealing with me on being thankful for every little thing.

See eh, if there’s one thing that living alone and having to depend on one monthly alert from NYSC has taught me, it’s being thankful in/for every little thing!

OmG! Where do I even start from?
I was so broke last week, so broke that I didn’t even have 50naira it would take to get myself home from the office, so I had to trek back home.

I trekked back home but refused to be buried in the funk, so I plugged in Marvin’s song and “praised God in advance”

I trekked to Church too on sunday because I couldn’t stay home just because of lack of money and imagine my joy when I got to a Church I had never been to before and saw a fellow corper friend there. I mean, what were the odds? It was her first time at the Church too.
I met her after Church and asked for tfare home, she gave me 200Naira and I can’t describe how my heart sang to God in praises for that money.

I bought half bag of water from the money and the lady I bought from decided to “dash” me one satchet extra.
I went home thanking God for favour He granted me in the sight of that woman.

Last week also, I was wondering how I would get a bag of water when I was so dry physically and a fellow corper friend “dashed” me 100Naira.
He didn’t know that I needed it.
I walked home singing praises to God too.

Oh, we take so many things for granted!
We live at home and eat free food so we assume that life is always that rosy.
We drink free water, we call dad for cash when we are strapped… and we take it all for granted.

Lord, I am thankful.
My heart overflows with gratitude.


I love you Daddy.
For favour you’ve granted me in the sight of others.
I see no little/big thing that you do anymore, they are all the same to me.
Every smile and help I get is you influencing others to give unto me.
I don’t take it for granted at all.
If it took my being dry and out financially for me to learn this truth, then I praise you for it too.
And more especially, I praise you for the grace to be rooted in your Word.
Oh Father, I don’t understand yet the kind of youth you are raising me to be for you, but it is a lady who is not shaken in you.
This is all an answer to my prayers to be a woman with unshaken convictions in you.

It sweetens my soul to know that I am getting to a point with you when I can sincerely say that you are everything and everything is you.

I am getting to a point with you where money or the lack thereof does not shake my love for you.
I can praise you in lack and praise you in plenty.
I can say with my whole heart in the midst of trials that I love you.
Only you could have wrought a melding with my spirit and yours.
Only you could have brought about this relationship that I have with you.
I can’t even hold my own end of the bargain without you helping me.

So today I praise you High God!
I praise you!
For every 5naira gotten, I praise you!
For every dry account I have, I praise you!
For every shaking in my spirit as you mold me in you, I praise you!
For the relationship that I enjoy with you, I praise you!
For grace to bask in your presence, I praise you!
For grace to be rooted in your Word securely, I praise you!
I praise you High God!
I praise you!

Hmm! There’s really not much to add to this amazing letter bearing it all in praise to our God. Frances is a lady I admire so much and I don’t take her blog for granted at all! Visit imperfectlyperfectlives.com to understand why I love,love,love her! I delve into everything she shares on her blog and her posts have helped me tremendously!

Thank you Frances, for sharing your Praise Letter to God with us! Indeed, we must not take anything for granted! My roommate shared something which has always stayed with me. Which is that “There is no small journey!”
That you ‘only’ went to the front of your house and came back inside is a testimony! Nothing is too small to be thankful for!

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Till our next ITG Friday,
Stay safe and thankful!

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