PraiseLetter 2: Pauline Abbeo

PraiseLetter 2: Pauline Abbeo

Good morning beautiful people! Welcome to our second edition of ITG Friday. ITG(I Thank God) Friday started last week with me basically sending a thank you note to God. You can read the first Praise Letter here!

I asked Pauline on Wednesday if she’d like to write a Praise Letter on the blog and by yesterday, I already had her letter. Thanks babe!
Pauline Abbeo is one of the first Ghanaians I got really close to.

She’s the one in the greyish coloured top.

The picture was taken on the morning of Our “Feed the Homeless” project. She’s a great friend who doesn’t like trouble and more importantly, we share something(someone actually) awesome in common: CHRIST! Sometimes, we’d just talk about God like we’re talking about someone right next to us.
Indeed, He’s truly always right there listening to us.

I think that’s enough introduction! Let’s read why Pauline is thankful today.

I can boldly say, NO to this simple question. For more than 18 years of the life thou hath given me, it has been all about me and how to satisfy my selfish fleshy desires.
I have always relegated you to second priority and not as if it’s any better now(but it shall be well).
What have been my weaknesses? I might as well say, Father that I have lost count of all my flaws. Let’s not talk about the fact that I told mum that my hostel fee is 700cds instead of 650, or the fact that it’s been forever since I last studied you(Bible). Even last Sunday while at church, I was whatsapping right after the preacherman had preached on the theme, “focus on God a 100%”. 

It’s not that I have ever won any soul for you. I can’t even recollect sharing a testimony about your faithfulness. And in hard times, all I do is to be a  doubting Thomas because I underestimate your power. Yet I urge people to put their absolute trust in you. Shame on me!

I tel them, “Renew your minds and let go of fornication”. If I remember correctly, just yesterday, I saw a young man pass by and I whispered to myself, “wow, he’s cute”. Hypocrite me!!!
Whenever I take the tv remote and go through the channels, I double skip “Emmanuel tv” because I’d rather watch Monserat or the champions’ league rather than listen to the word, which is wisdom. Foolish me!!

So I ask myself, do I deserve all these, God?
Your mercies that is at my disposal whenever I go contrary to your word.
Your grace, whose sake I’m in school now, whose sake I’m alive, whose sake i eat three times daily and whose sake I bought a pair of snickers last week.
Your friendship, the reason I feel no emptiness within me.
Your protection, the reason I walk in the valley of the shadow of death yet no evil befalls me .
Above all, your love, the reason I’m alive in you.
What I may never know is why you are so good to me but what I know is, no matter my weakness and my flaws, I shall overcome my today and enjoy my tomorrow with you in Heaven.Thank you Father for everything.

I smiled after reading this! It’s just so amazing to know that we all fight different things and God still loves us all just the way we are. Another thing is that we’re all at different stages in our spiritual walk with God. All we can do is ask for grace to keep fighting the good fight of faith.
I really liked the part where she gives thanks for shoes that she bought. Indeed, there’s absolutely nothing that isn’t a testimony in our lives. Whether it’s that we can buy shoes, eat, use our hands and legs, school, talk, breath, love, laugh or cry; all thanks belong to our God.
Indeed, our praises will never be enough.
Thanks darling Pauline for sharing your Praise Letter with us!

If you’d also like to share a Praise Letter with this eFamily, please send an email to bolajiolorisade@gmail.com. We’d be delighted to know why you’re so excited about God.
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Till our next Praise Letter!
Stay safe and thankful…


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