Please, be odd!

Good Wednesday Morning!

I do hope you’ve had splendid days this week o?

Mine has been quite stressful. I actually thought I’d not be able to post today again. Lol

But when I remembered this week’s Word, I quickly realigned myself.

I believe His grace is sufficient and His power is made perfect in my weaknesses.

I pray for God’s grace for you in your ministry as well! Amen.

Ok, so I just want to share something short with y’all today. I pray it blesses you.

When I just got to Ghana, I stayed with 2 Nigerian ladies and 1 Ghanaian lady in the same room. Lol, it almost seems like a memory from a distant past.

Anyways, our Ghanaian roommate was very quiet and rarely gave any trouble. We(the other 3) were the noise makers. Lol.

Good thing was that we were also mates in the same school, and we had other classmates who lived around too. It used to be interesting taking turns to visit others.(At least, it helped with assignments!)

But as the topic implies, this isn’t the lesson I want to share in this post.

I simply want to encourage you not to be ashamed to be odd as regards certain life matters.

I remember my roommates going out at night(like twice) while I stayed in the room with our Ghanaian roommate. It’s not that it’s a sin or taboo to go out in the night, I just wasn’t comfortable with the specific places they were going.

And because I carry my own palava and can be fun to be around, they insisted I followed them; but I insisted on staying back to sleep.

At the beginning of the year I had set it in mind that I wasn’t going to step foot at any place that God’s presence wasn’t. And though then,I basically just got born again, I wasn’t wavering on my decision.

Interestingly though, I didn’t know that they noticed anything.

It was later that one of my roommates reminded me of how I refused to follow them to the club and how it encouraged her to do same.

I didn’t know she noticed that I was not afraid to be the odd one out. And consequently, I unknowingly encouraged her to also step out of the box that people try to place on others.

You see, sometimes we do things that seem so little and do not even realize that people are watching and taking note.

In your own little sphere, are you influencing people?

By now, you guys know that I love my roommate and it’s because of how we greatly influence each other!

One time, she called me to say she’d been talking about me too much at home and was glad that I wasn’t an olojukokoro(greedy eyed person). Because if I’d been one, she’d also have been influenced to try and sort of ‘live up to my standards’.

Thank God though, we know how to drink our garri wella(manage well) because we will not kill to ‘feel among’.

I just remembered something a friend told me when she came to our place in school. I was busy lambasting her about the top(or was it gown) she was wearing and how it showed her underwear. Lol!

(Trust me, I’m often told that I act like a “mama” a.k.a old woman.)

She actually told me that sometimes when she’s dressing, her mind will already tell her that I’d complain about it!

Lol! Ain’t that funny!?

I wonder if she pictures me with grey hair pointing my fingers and saying “Friend, will you come on remove that cloth!”

You should not be afraid to be odd!

Because sometimes, odd is pretty good!

Odd can still be ‘funky’ and on fire for Jesus.

And know what else?

Sometimes odd influences others to stay true to themselves.

So never be afraid to be the odd one out.

Someone might just be watching!

Have a lovely day ahead.

Remember to stay odd if you have to.

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Plenty love, Mobolaji.


  • It was a gown… lol…

    My mother in my head.

    wonderful word today dear, even though this is my third time of visiting the blog today, just decided to have a devotion before sleeping and here I am…

    Thanks dear, more grace…

    • Mobolaji.

      Haha, ok!

      Aww. Never will I have thought that anyone can read something I wrote as a devotional or anything or that sort! God bless you.
      You encourage me and I’m ever grateful!
      Thanks dear! Muah!

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