Play the game according to the rules.

Play the game according to the rules.

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No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier. And also if anyone competes in athletics, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules.
II Timothy 2:4‭-‬5 NKJV

The Bible is not just a book, it contains revelation and deep truths that only the saved heart can understand.

I’ve spent sometime studying and meditating on this verse but one particular evening, a sentence from it jumped at me…(If that happens to you, it means God wants you to learn from that particular verse that jumps at you).

“And also, if anyone competes in athletics, he is NOT CROWNED unless he competes ACCORDING TO THE RULES.” (Emphasis mine).

Think about it. Is there any game you’ve played that does not have rules? Even the ‘lawless’ games that allow almost everything still have at least one rule that can disqualify anyone who doesn’t obey it.

Many believers want victory, but aren’t living according to the rules.

No, this is not about the 10 commandments and scrolls that the Pharisees followed from A to Z.

This is about life here, that leads to life in eternity.

I’ve learned so much from reading ‘Driven by Eternity’ by John Bevere and it was not until I read and understood this verse above that I knew what he was talking about in his book.

People want to live life according to their own rules and then expect to win the crown after the race, how?

Many KNOW that God is real, but it seems too inconvenient to truly surrender to Him, so they play according to their rules – forgetting that every game must end.

Even as believers, as earlier stated, the reason many of us don’t have victory in many areas of our lives is simply because we’ve rufused to obey God. We’re holding tight to our own rules of the game.

He says flee from sexual sin, many think they can fast and pray it away.
He says forgive, many think unforgiveness is backup to those that offend them.
He says love, many think love is to be given to only those that ‘deserve’ it.
He says abide, many gather and strive to get the crumps from another’s table than getting to know God for themselves.
He says pray, many will rather complain.

When you read the Bible, you will know what God thinks about almost everything! Everyday, I discover that the Holy Scriptures has a word for every aspect of life- if only many are willing to find it.

You can’t be the created and live life against the creator. You will have to give account.

Why not live life the way God wants?
Play this ‘life’ game according to His rules.

I’ve also learned that every advise God gives is for our good. God never puts a rule in place to harm us. In fact, rules are in place to HELP us and keep us from destruction. Don’t fight against God’s word/rule in your life.

Again, you can’t be the created and live life against the creator. You will have to give account.

God help us. Amen.

Light and love,




Hey guys! It’s been so long…I missed you all. ☺
It was a needed break and I’m glad I took time off for exams and personal time too. Blogging takes love, to be honest. It takes discipline too to be consistent on a blog and I take no glory whatsoever. Only God helps and sustains this space.

However, I want to plead that if you follow a blog where the person is off for a while, don’t pressure them to come back and write. Please, don’t. I used to do that with my blogger friends but learned that it’s much better to ask about them first and make sure they’re well, not pressure them. Especially if it’s a Christian blog…

There’s something about how we believers often wait for a ‘word’ from someone else, when we have thousands of scriptures we can meditate on. Don’t always wait to hear God from someone else. Please, the purpose of true Christian blogs/writers is that they encourage people and groom them to a stage where they KNOW GOD for and by themselves. Spiritual growth is what we all should thrive for.


I also want to thank everyone who has checked on me since the break and everyone who’s reading this right now. God bless you all.

Have a fantastic week ahead.❤👑



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