PL 43: Thankful for closed doors!

PL 43: Thankful for closed doors!

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My roomie-turned-sis shared a short post on Facebook today and it reminded me of this post I wrote on Unanswered prayers.

It’s a short read, but makes me reflect on the awesomeness of God. If He gave me some of the things I prayed for ehn!!! I probably will be in soup by now. Lol.


“Today Lord, I am telling you thank you a million times for all the doors you closed in my life.

I have indeed realized that it has been part of your greater plan.

Thank you for the things I did not have, even when I wanted them so badly.

Thank you for the things I could not get, even though I was desperate to own them.

Thank you for the things I asked of you that were denied.

Thank you for the lessons I learnt from each mistake I made.

I am grateful for the things I do not have, the things I could not afford, the friends I could not keep, and the people I could not hold on to.

It has all been part of your greater plan for me.

I am grateful for my losses.
(1 Thessalonians 5:18)

{Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.}

Thank you LORD



Kris is also my partner at GEMGirl Initiative. Haha, I always joke that I’ve been married to her for 3 (going to 4) years now because I’be lived with her since level 100.

I know her story well. How she stayed home for 3 years before finally getting admission to our school. But she’s always quick to add how thankful she is. Who knows where or how she’d have been if she never came to Ghana…

Who knows how I’d have been if God answered some of my prayers…

Thank you Lord Jesus for closed doors. They weren’t pleasant, but I see much clearer now.

What closed door are you thankful for?

Share with us.


Have a pleasant weekend.

Love always,



  • Great read this. The difference between how we see and how God sees is that we’re limited to the here and now, while He sees beyond all that to the future.
    I have learnt to trust in His plans completely, letting Him shepherd me as He wishes. Though, it can be hard sometimes, especially when you don’t understand what He’s trying to work out. But I’d rather go along with someone who knows and controls the future!
    Indeed. Thank God for the “losses”.

    • Haha, the last part!
      I’d rather go with someone who knows what He’s doing, because most of the time- I don’t. Lol.
      I can’t direct myself or lead myself to a fulfilled destination. It’s best to let the one who formed me, do the directing…

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