PL 42: When no one knows God like you do.

PL 42: When no one knows God like you do.

Hey hey heeey…

No one knows,Like I knowWhat you’ve done for me (2)


Someone shared a song on a fabulous WhatsApp group I’m part of yesterday. It made me stop what I was doing and I brought out my Journal and started writing a love note to God.

My heart used my hands to send a message…

I started telling God that no one else knows Him the way I do and that’s what I love about our relationship.

He is a personal God to ALL OF US.

No one knows God the way YOU do.

No one has the exact same experiences you share with God. And that’s beautiful.
No one has your salvation story. (I found God on Twitter, but this is a story for another day.)

Then, this morning I started writing out a note to Him.

You’re a personal God, never too far to be touched.

Only Esther knows how you favoured her before the king.
Only Ruth knows how you compensated her for her loss.
Only Hannah knows how you took away her shame.
Only Elizabeth knows how you took the reproach of barrenness away.

Only Deborah knows where you brought her from. 

Only Sarah knows how she felt when she pushed her baby at old age.

We’ve read about all these people, but only they know how they felt because it’s their PERSONAL story with GOD.

 Here’s the song by Sinach.
                                                                                    No one knows,

Like I know

What you’ve done for me

That’s why I praise you the way I do (4x)

Verse 1

From the rising of the sun

Till it’s going down

Your faithfulness is sure

Your mercies ever new (4x)

Verse 2

Your favor surrounds me,

like a shield

Your love amazes me

Your grace has lifted me (4x)

I sing

I dance

I shout for joy

Lord I’m grateful


I’m reminded of how David danced like a crazy man, removing his robe to step well without caring who was watching. His wife was ashamed of him for dancing like that in public, but she didn’t know God the way David did.

It wasn’t ‘shacking’ her to praise God like David because their stories were different. She was the daughter of a King, David was the least of his brothers and tended to Sheep. God did not look at his background when he made him king.

I guess only David understood how it was doing him.

And that’s why I love this song-

No one knows,

Like I know

What you’ve done for me

That’s why I praise you the way I do

What are you thankful for?

What’s your personal story of God’s faithfulness?

Always remember that no one knows God the way you know Him. He’s a personal God. Daily, build your walk with God to make it even more personal. Don’t depend only on what others say about God. Experience Him yourself.

No one can ever know God the way I do.

Laye laye.

Our stories can be similar, but never the same.


I apologize for not posting on Wednesday. I’m still trying to find a structure for our Wednesday posts. But, hope your long break was great? (For the efamily in Nigeria.)

Mine was good. Spent most of it on the bed. LOL. I was so glad for the rest and time at home.

Anyway, do have an amazing weekend ahead.

Can’t wait to share LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS with you.


For all our new efamily members, I and God are partnering on my first book which will be out in July. It’s Non-Fiction and aims to encourage Fathers to be present in their Children’s lives. It mainly focuses on daughters.

Welcome to the family. Please, connect and let’s get to know you.

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Stay awesome.

Love always,




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