PL 41: Grateful for great parents.

PL 41: Grateful for great parents.

Hey hey heeey.



I have to confess, if it’s not already obvious- I’m a mummy’s girl!
#Unashamed. Lol.

My mum used to be a maid and a nanny to a certain family at Port-Harcout when she was young. One of the children she watched over is now an established Author. I went to see her for guidance today.

Before I left, my sister and I started joking and laughing about how my mum used to be their maid.
I started it when I said “O ga o (this is serious), Aunty Adun the maid now has a soon to be Author as a daughter.”
My sister now laughed and said, “Aunty Adun the maid now has a Chartered accountant, a banker, a lawyer and soon-to-be-Author.”
My mum’s name is Adun.

It just makes me appreciate my mum’s journey. I hope to write her Biography some day soon.

I’ve been feeling anxious about LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS, but today I’m thankful for all of us. All of us who have compelling stories-Β like my mum.

I’m thankful for you who thrives in school knowing that your parents spent a lot to sponsor you.
I’m thankful for you who works with integrity, believing that God sees you.
I’m thankful for you who believes for more, but is content with having God.
I’m thankful for your journey.

It might not seem like much and you might even get tired along the way, but don’t give up.

My mum sold nylons one time to support my dad when we were little.
She was never idle, and God always blessed the work of her hands.

I truly believe that there’s nothing that woman can’t sell. My mum can sell your product to you. Lol.
I’m thankful for parents who look out for their Children.

I’m not being paid at my current work, so my mum wants to help me start a liquid soap business. She’s buying it all, while the proceeds are mine- imagine.

I’m thankful.

For all the mothers who don’t give up on their children.

I share in LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS how I almost became wayward. Abi I was on my way sef.
One day, my parents came to see me unannounced in school (The University I attended for a year.)
My mum was too shocked to find out I had left school. I had gone because there was a big club party that weekend.
She was mad at me, but called that night to make sure I was safe. (She didn’t know about the clubbing o.)

I’m thankful.
For all the fathers who work tirelessly to give their children better lives than they had.

My dad is such a cool man. Lol. But I’m grateful for all his effort. He always tells us how he’s praying for my siblings and me.

And I’m thankful for Children, for all the Children around the world who don’t forget what their parents have done.
Children who can’t pay back, but provide and sustain their parents when they’re old and gray.

That’s what I’m thankful for today.

What are you thankful for?



I’m thankful for you. 😊

Have a great weekend ahead.

Happy new month! Whoop whoop. July is the best month because many great people are born in it, eg- meeee!

Lol. I’m just being petty.

Talk to you soon.

Love always,



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