PL 40: 5 things I am grateful for…

PL 40: 5 things I am grateful for…

Hey hey heeeey…


Can somebody shout ‘uhnuhn-uhnuhn’.

How are you? Hope the week has been good so far?

Remember that all circumstances don’t have to look good for things to be good for you. You can retain your joy in the midst of stress and traffic.

Ok. Here are 5 things I am grateful for:

1. My Bible. This book has been a book of power for me. I read verses I already know and gain a different lesson. It truly contains the WORD of GOD because it directs, corrects, and comforts me when I need it most. For example, I learned a new thing about Saul today. After he disobeyed God and Samuel told him that God that taken the throne from him and his family, he was still concerned about what others thought. He begged Samuel to not ‘dishonour’ him in the presence of the Israelites…and I’m like, you’re still focusing on people? Anyway, I love my Bible.

2. Books. Ahh, don’t mess with me and books. Lol. I do not read one book at a time (Weird right?). I read at least 2 and at most 5 books at once. This means that it takes me extra time to finish each one, but I sap the lessons during the process of reading each. I feel blessed reading good books because it’s like the Author opened up to me. Plus, I get to learn from their experiences too.

3. Family. I have so much to write here and I do not know the words to use. I love and appreciate my biological family and the friends who have also become family. I’m thankful for you. There’s no omobolaji.com if it doesn’t reach people.

4. Blogging. I honestly believe God placed this blog in my heart to help me grow- spiritually and intellectually. I have met people that I now love because of this efamily. I’m thankful for all the comments that bless me more than I can describe. It has been an incredible journey and you’ve been part of it, so, thank you. Ultimately, I give all glory to God for the opportunity to serve Him with my words.

5. Pruning. As much as I don’t particularly enjoy being pruned, I am thankful for it. John 15 says those who bear fruit will be pruned to bear even more fruit. This year has definitely been one of stretching and stepping out of comfort zones. I am thankful for everything God has cut and is stilling cutting from my life. I want to bear better fruits and that wouldn’t happen if I’m not pruned. So, THANK YOU GOD for pruning me. Thank you for seeing me worthy to be called your own. Halleluyah.

Ijo ope re daa… (Where is your dance of praise?)

Please, share things you’re thankful for with us. Thanksgiving should be done in all circumstances because God is always good, no matter what it looks like. These things may seem mundane, but they are not. I’m grateful for EVERYTHING, but I thought to share 5 with you.

Have a fantastic weekend ahead.

Love always,



  • anita

    hi, I love your blog with its amazing content.Don’t be discouraged, continue writing. God started this blog with you he will surely expand it.I check on your blog occasionally but I’m usually too laxu to comment, but today I could hear our dad upstairs telling me to comment.much love,Anita

  • Thanks B for this reminder that we need to thank God for everything at all times.

    The three key things I’m grateful to God for are –
    a. Life – For each new dawn I see, I say thank you Lord!
    b. Salvation – Each time I reflect on my life, I thank God for saving cos honestly I don’t know what or where i’d be without Christ in my life
    c. Family and Friends – Oh! God has blessed me with awesome biological and spiritual family members and also with great friends like you. I’m grateful to God for His rare gifts that are in the form of my family and friends.

    God bless you always B! Much love hun

    • Aww. I’m thankful for the 3 things on your list as well!
      Sometimes, I meditate on what salvation has done to me. Where would I have been if God didn’t call me?

      I’m so thankful for my relationship with Christ. It’s not always perfect, but there’s joy knowing that He knows me personally.

      Friends and family💚
      Life 💗

      Glory to God for everything.

      Thanks sis. 😘

  • Thanks for this Bolaji.
    I’m grateful for quite a number of things:
    1. My life: it’s easy to take the fact that we’re alive and well for granted, and think it comes cheap, probably because we may not be fully aware of the battles the Lord fights on our behalf. “Lord, I take it not for granted that I have breath in my lungs, and that I go out and come in safely everyday.”

    2. My relationship with God: if there’s one decision I’ve made and I’ve not for once had cause to regret, it’s the decision to make God my number 1 passion. My relationship with Him has transformed me beyond my imagination. He took this young man, and He’s fashioning something beautiful out of this life…

    3 My experiences: they may not be all rosy, but everytime I scale a particular level, I reflect on it and the lessons God wants me to learn from it becomes really clear….
    Here’s a great read on gratitude for 2016 thus far I posted recently: http://www.stillsmallvoiceblog.blogspot.com/2016/06/yay-its-june-im-grateful-lord.html?m=1

    • Awww Michael, God bless you for sharing.

      I love all 3 things you shared! I’m grateful for my life, experiences and my relationship with God too. At the end, those are actually the most important things. Thanks for sharing your testimony with us. May God continue to bless and protect you.
      Stay awesome.

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