PL 39: Seasons and Times.

PL 39: Seasons and Times.

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To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to put my thoughts into words.
On Wednesday, I couldn’t get myself to write something logical and I’m sorry I didn’t post anything. Forgive me.

See ehn, this week has been stretching… I never experedit (I didn’t expect it). I kinda feel like I just want to go to Hawaii without informing anyone, then return after a week. (Haha, but if that happens, I guess I’ve let the cat out of the bag now. 😂)

Ok. So here’s today’s PraiseLetter, because even when we don’t understand situations or circumstances, we can thank God through them.

Dear God,

The lifter up of my head- this is what you are to me when I’m down and can’t face anything.
You hold me and lift my head.

You said this is only a season for me, a phase that will soon pass. But I have to admit- I sometimes wonder if I’d pass this test.

I’m only glad that you don’t work according to my perfections. You make beauty, even out of ashes.

What a mighty God you are.

You’ve asked me to keep praying and believing, but sometimes I sound silly believing and telling people what you’ve told me. They can’t understand. And to be honest, I can’t either but I’d rather obey.

You woke me with Ecclesiastics 3:1 earlier this week, so I could hold on to that word when things get hard.
Well things got hard.

Like the two times conductors have dropped me at a wrong bus stop and I had to spend extra money to get to the right place.
Like when I had to obey you to Intern here even if they don’t pay me.
Like having to carry my laptop to work daily with my shoulders doing extra work.
Like…well, many other things.

But the beautiful thing about you is- even with these circumstances I don’t understand, you sooth my soul.

You’re pruning me and my flesh doesn’t like it, but my spirit is lifted in worship.

Thank you.

My flesh does not want to remain grateful, but your renewing Spirit within me shouts Hosanna!

Plus, I see what you’re doing. You’re bringing me out of familiar places and helping me build capacity. In a week, I’ve realized that I’m no longer the same. 

This environment is so different from what I’m used to, but I get it. Or, at least, I think I do because-  if I don’t leave Ikorodu often to see other places, I might be tempted to believe that life starts and ends in Ikorodu. 

So, thank you. Thank you for stretching my mind and shifting my position. Help me to continually see the way you see. I’m so myopic on my own. Jesus, kill my shortsightedness.

I am tired and I still want to run to Hawaii, but I’d rather stay grateful in Lagos- till the season for Hawaii comes.

Thank you Lord.

Thank you because even when my face, mind and body is beat down; you remain the lifter up of my head.



Thank you for reading today. I hope you were blessed.

I have to confess- there’s something very soothing about writing one’s feelings down. You should try it sometime.


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Have a peaceful weekend.

Love always,


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