PL 36: Thank you for your hem.

PL 36: Thank you for your hem.

Hey hey hey!



I read the story of the woman with the issue of blood yesterday and sat to meditate on it.

To better understand it, I checked hem in the dictionary, then took my cloth and stared at the hem.

Hian, are you telling me this woman touched this shikini (small) part of Jesus’ cloth and got healed.

My letter today springs from that story.

Lord Jesus,
Thank you!

Thank you for your hem.
So little, yet so significant.

Right now, I feel like I’ve only come to know the hem of your garment.
Still, it has transformed my life.

I have so much to learn from you.
I’m going to serve you for the rest of my life and I know I will be pruned all the way.

Still, I’m thankful for this hem that I have touched.
So little, yet so significant.

There’s so much potential I haven’t realized. There’s still so much work to be done, still, I’m thankful that something has even started.

I wonder now, what it would be like if I never touched your hem…
If I had agreed that your hem was too little for me to experience change…

Let’s not even go there.

If this woman had been convinced that your hem could do nothing, who would have healed her?
Who would have healed me?
Who would have healed us?

You’re so mighty that your formed the world and arranged the stars.
Yet so humble and fierce that even your hem changes lives.

People think I’m starting to take you too serious, but I’ve only just touched the hem of your hem.
Yes, it’s just the beginning.
Only the hem of your hem.

Yet, I can’t deny the change.
I can’t deny the transformation that your hem has brought.

So little, yet so significant.

I understand this woman’s story better now.
She wasn’t even asking for a 2 hour one-on-one healing session with you, she just needed to touch the hem of your garment.

I wasn’t asking for much when I touched you. Or was it when you touched me?

I was glad and happy I had been healed from within and could live my jolly life; but now, you’d not even let me be quiet.

How can someone touch the hem of your garment and remain the same?
How can we love you and stay quiet?

So little, yet so significant.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

We know there’s so much more, but this minute, we’re saying thank you for the hem of your garment that has changed our lives.

So little. So significant.


Have a pleasant weekend ahead!

Stay safe.
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Love always,

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