PL 35: Thankful for progress.

PL 35: Thankful for progress.

Hey hey hey.

Kilon pop? (What’s popping?)
I hope you’re doing great?

Exams seem to get closer, but all I see is home. Lol.
I don’t know what Lagos has done to me ehn. I need to break up with that state. Or what do you think?

Anyway, today I went through some pages of my old journal and was smiling.
From my writings, I could see some sort of pattern and that’s what I’m thankful for today. Progress.

Here’s the letter.


Thank you Jesus.

I want to say more, but let me just say thank you again!
You’re so constant, that it’s impossible to fathom.

A friend and I talked about you yesterday and we were praying for growth. We know that as we walk with you, we experience spiritual matureness and progress.

And even today, while I yearn for more of you, I still want to thank you for how far I’ve come.

Sometimes, I lose sight of my progress and question you on how I don’t feel like anything has changed, but a lot has.

Little by little, you sap the world out of me.
Little by little, you sap pride out of me.
Let’s just say you’ve sapped a lot out of me, replacing them with new things.

I’m a new creature.

Not perfect, but new. I can’t even explain it.

Thank you.

Sometimes I see what others are doing for you and I’m pricked to do more.
I tell myself- “See your mate, see what he is doing for and in the name of Christ. You, what exactly are you doing?”

I know, that’s harsh and you teach me how to trash that kind of thought.

The undeniable truth is that you’ve worked on me thus far. I can’t even lie about that.

Haha, sometimes I’m thankful you told me before hand that 2016 is my year if stretching.
I fought it at first and didn’t want all these new somewhat stressful things I was going to go through, but I see myself becoming better because of them.

I see myself growing because of the circumstances I didn’t particularly like at first.

Thank you.

As weird as it sounds, I want to say thank you for stretching me.

There can be no progress without some kind of stretching from you.

More time with you.
Dropping other things to put you first.
Doing away with purposeless friendships.
Spending more time in prayer when my eyes say- sleep!
Learning to shut up.
Being consistent with all you’ve asked of me.
Evangelizing more.
Extending the love you’ve shown me to others more.
Forgiving, when I don’t feel like it or think the person deserves it.
Forgetting, when I want to keep remembering how a person hurt me.
Apologizing, even when pride says no.
Being contented when my flesh says ‘more, more!’
Trusting you when everything doesn’t make sense.


All these things are stretching me, honestly.
And sometimes I fight because my flesh doesn’t like them.

But now, I see progress in them.

I see how you’re moving me from a stage to another in you.


That’s what I’ve come to say thank you for today!

Thank you for progress.

Yepyep. That’s our letter for today.

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Have a lovely time ahead.

Love always,


  • Wow I thank God too for all His is doing currently in my life that I can’t see because of my impatience. I honour Him for healing Me and never letting me go…

    We are still learning and this journey is not gonna finish in just 1 day but day by day He leads me on a whole new journey, the good and the bad but still I am willing to walk that road as long as my maker is there with me…

    Thanks love for this awesome post may you grow from strength to more strength and I pray for Divine Success on your exams…

    • Sis, as long as He’s here with us, we’re good!
      A day at a time, since He leads us day by day o.
      I’m thankful for your progress too and all God is teaching you.

      Thanks and amen to your prayers. May you always grow from strength to strength too.

      Much love!

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