PL 34: Thank you for being God.

PL 34: Thank you for being God.

Hey hey hey!

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Hope you’re well and awesome?
Has anyone noticed that my best word is ‘awesome’? Haha. I use it too much.

Today’s PraiseLetter is an awesome one to my papa. He has many names but my best remains AGBANILAGBATAN. The one who accepts us COMPLETELY!

With our pain. He accepts us.
With our guilt. He accepts us.
With our past. He accepts us.
With our imperfections. He accepts us.

Even our parents who love us so much do not love us COMPLETELY!

Take a minute to think about this and you’d be more amazed how awesome this God is!

Haha, I feel like I’ve already started the praise letter, but here it is-

Agbanilagbatan, thank you for being God!

I love that Travis Greene song so much! Do you see me when I listen to it while I walk to school?
Do you see the way I don’t care that people are staring at me, because indeed you were there before I took my first breath and you’d still be here when nothing else is left!

Thank you for being God! Because if you were man, you’d not have saved me.

Men see men as men, but you saw me as a daughter of Zion, so you called me to you!

If you were man, you’d constantly remind me of things I did in the past and use them against me.

If you were man, you’d constantly bring up things you claimed you had forgiven, but use them to attack me when I do wrong again.

If you were man, you’d tell your friends how imperfect I am and how unworthy I am. It’d sound something like- “Who does she think she is? Going to church all the time as if we are sinners. She doesn’t know we know her past!”

Ahh, thank you for being God!

If you were man, you’d not chastise me as unto love but condemnation. You’d correct me but keep it in your remembrance box.

If you were man, you’d probably not wake me today. I still ate late yesterday though I’ve promised you a million times that I’d stop.

Men kill themselves for fuel, so you could as well have done same for my disobedience. But I am here!

Because you are God!

If you were man, you’d not get me the way you do! You had been reminding me to get a new journal, but I thought I still had some pages left. I wanted to write today, only to see that my journal was used up.
You’re God, you know better and I should have listened.

If you were man, you’d have exposed all the very intimate and secret things in my journal with ‘another friend’. You’d have been shocked at the things that sometimes come to my head.

But you’re God and you ask me to always be truthful so you can help me.

If you were man, I’d have been put to shame many times.
With my fees, I’d have been put to shame.
With our FeedTheHomeless project, I’d have been put to shame.

But you’re God and you’ve never put me to shame. You turn even my mistakes to miracles!

Thank you for being God.

I read some old pages of my journal and saw a page where I wrote about my spoilt phone. How I didn’t have ‘shinshin’ money to buy another one. I wrote how you asked me to trust you and pray about it!

Isn’t phone too little to disturb a God so mighty for?
But you said, ‘nope, not too little!’
So you provided one, in a spectacular way and now, you’re reminding to pray about this phone again.

Thank you for being God!

Miracle worker.
Way maker.
Promise Keeper.
Light in the darkness.
That is who you are Lord.

The 26 letters in English language aren’t enough to describe my gratitude. No word is long enough!

Thank you for being God.

I still saw an old ‘thirsty’ picture of me, wearing a top as a dress and posing like a cat, the way ‘thirsty’ ladies pose and I was utterly ashamed!

Just as shame wanted to set in, you said- Bolaji, do you not know that that is your past. It does not matter to me anymore!

Ahh, God. You’re awesome.
I always think I’ve seen the best of you, then ALWAYS you show me that I know ‘nada’! (Nothing)

Thank you for being God!

From your baby girl, Mobolaji.

That’s it people!

Watch Travis Greene’s “Thank You For Being God” on YouTube


I hope today’s letter blesses your heart like it blessed mine!

These letters always enlarge my already big heart for God.

Writing them and reading the ones people send makes me reference God even more.

I pray this weekend meets you in grace and favour. Go forth and be reminded of the crown of favour on your head.

God with us.


Love always,

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